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"People should love us."

The Indonesian businessman Buntoro Setiomulyo discovered the international market for hospital beds. This decision gave his small company the impetus it needed to grow. Setiomulyo decided to constantly optimize his production processes in future: should he be the first Indonesian company to purchase a TruLaser Tube 5000 for laser tube cutting? The investment seemed high to him, but his gut said "yes". It paid off. The system increased his productivity, releasing potential that he can now use cleverly to develop his market position.

PT Mega Andalan Kalasan

The Indonesian company PT Mega Andalan Kalasan (in brief: PT Mak International) is a leading provider of hospital beds. Its portfolio includes 150 different models for the international market. Three design teams are constantly working on new variants and production processes. CEO Buntoro Setiomulyo also wants to give back to his home city of Yogyakarta: his staff's well-being is very important to him, he offers scholarships, invites young people in and writes economic guidebooks.


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Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

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PT Mak started in 1988 in Yogyakarta in Indonesia as a small metal processing company with three machines, barely keeping their head above water. CEO Buntoro Setiomulyo comments on those first few years: "We really needed a brilliant idea to establish ourselves with and to build a solid customer base." PT Mak International concentrated on simple products such as school lockers, but they did not yield much profit. "We had to have patience." Setiomulyo held his nerve and kept looking for a product with growth potential. "That's when I stumbled upon hospital beds. The world population is growing, so I knew the demand would increase as well." The company developed the production competence required and decided to concentrate solely on the production, leaving sales and marketing to experienced partners. Once PT Mak had achieved a leading position with this strategy, employing 800 staff, Setiomulyo started to ask himself how he could take advantage of his lead.

The TruLaser Tube 5000 operates with great precision. This reduces secondary processes and we could even retire old systems entirely. We now utilize the production space this has freed up even more efficiently.

Buntoro Setiomulyo
CEO of PT Mak


PT Mak currently produces 400 beds per month and has 150 models in its portfolio. Three design teams work on new variants and improvements at the same time, aiming to reduce the weight or optimize the production process. But it still involved a great deal of manual work. Time to take the next step. Setiomulyo contemplated switching to laser tube cutting: "A TruLaser Tube 5000 was a big investment for our company. But my gut told me to go for it."



It was worth it. "The machine increased our productivity by 30 percent. The TruLaser Tube 5000 saves the company a great deal of manual labor. "It works with great precision. This reduces secondary processes and we were even able to retire old systems entirely. We now utilize the production space this has freed up more efficiently." The TRUMPF team offered support with the launch into laser tube cutting. "The transition was smooth and positive."


Buntoro Setiomulyo believes in his company and in his country: "It is important to me that I remunerate my staff well. I think that is a good example for my country. Indonesia has a population of 230 million people – an enormous market potential that we need to tap into." Setiomulyo wants to play his part. He writes guidebooks, invites young people into his company time and time again and gives away scholarships. "I hope I am contributing to Indonesia's economic development." PT Mak International is also continuing to grow: Setiomulyo has now ordered the new generation TruLaser Tube 5000 with even more functions.

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