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Automation components

Automated machines quickly pay off as they accelerate working steps, process larger quantities in the same amount of time and reliably produce around the clock. Benefit from these advantages through an automated solution coordinated to your TRUMPF products – from the machine interface to semi-automatic loading solutions to fully automatic processing cells.

Examples of automation components

LiftMaster Compact, our best-in-class

LiftMaster Compact

Using the LiftMaster Compact, you can shorten the times for the loading and unloading of your TruLaser machine. Its extremely short cycle time of under 90 seconds is achieved by the parallel loading and unloading, amongst other things. Here, the LiftMaster Compact transports unprocessed sheets to the laser machine's pallet changer, and at the same time parts which have already been cut are picked up by a separate rake frame and placed on the upper side of the suction frame.


Automation interfaces

TRUMPF products enable you to incorporate automation systems even after purchase. Interfaces for many of the standards which are common on the market are used for this. As part of these product enhancements, you can also integrate your laser devices into a higher-level control system.

TRUMPF Laser Network

TRUMPF LaserNetwork

The TRUMPF LaserNetwork increases the flexibility of your production facility. One laser device can be used for up to six work stations, thereby providing you with the possibility of using this for different applications. Parallel operation, as well as for fast changing work stations, is also possible.

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