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Rollsickenwerkzeug, Musterblech
Rollsickenwerkzeug, Musterblech
Punching tools

Roller beading tool

Beading in any length or design

Create continuous beads quickly and flexibly

Create continuous beads quickly and flexibly

You can create continuous beading in any design or length at the highest processing speed using the roller beading tool on your punching or punch laser machine.

Particularly cost-effective

Due to the high processing speed, production costs are reduced to a minimum.


Creation of straight as well as curved beading in any design and length.

Optimal quality

The results of the roller processing are beads without visible forming marks.

Equipped for every eventuality

A large range of standard dimensions and individual special solutions for every requirement.

Work efficiently

Reduce material costs by using thinner sheets.

Particularly gentle

Approach marks are reduced considerably with the "gradual plunging" machine option.


Lower your material costs by bracing thinner sheet metal with beading. The roller beading tool creates beads through a continuous movement. Here, the sheet travels between two rollers and is shaped by being pulled through them. This enables you to produce any length of contour or form in just one stroke – with the highest processing speed and without visible forming marks. With the "gradual plunging" option, approach marks can also be reduced to a minimum. With the large range of dimensions in the standard portfolio, as well as special solutions tailored to you, you can meet varied customer requests.

Sample sheet

Order a free sample sheet and see the benefits for yourself.

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