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Not a chance for the competition – tailor-made electrical cabinets in just a few days

Trystar always aims to provide their customers with incomparable added value. Customised solutions and fast market launches are therefore decisive factors for CEO Rick Dahl to ensure the success of his electrical cabinets for temporary and mobile power supply solutions. However, the old machines had reached their limits a few years ago. They could no longer keep up with the production development and the ever larger cabinet dimensions. Trystar invested in new laser and bending machines from TRUMPF. A TruPunch 5000 and a TruLaser Robot 5020 complemented the portfolio. Now Trystar's production with its TRUMPF machinery is faster and more economical than ever before. They supply high-quality, tailor-made products that the competition simply cannot keep up with.

Trystar, LLC.

Trystar is a manufacturer and distributor of mobile and stationary power supply solutions, industrial cables and power accessories for worldwide applications. The company has manufactured cables for almost two decades. Sheet metal processing was added only eight years ago. Back then, Rick Dahl, CEO of Trystar, and his son were aiming to build fuse boxes for the first time using a circular saw. That was how they got started in the temporary power supply sector.

Faribault (USA)
TRUMPF products
  • TruPunch 5000
  • Sheet Master
  • TruLaser Robot 5020
  • Punching
  • Laser welding


Eight years after starting out in sheet metal processing and the temporary power supply sector, Trystar's production resources were no longer able to cope with the developing industries. "With the development of our product lines and the increasing dimensions of our cabinets, we were reaching the limits of the capabilities and service life of the old machines. We had to invest," explains Jim Koberg, Vice President of Factory Operations. That also applied to an old welding robot. "The old system was imprecise, expensive and only suitable for products made of mild steel," clarifies Brian Amacher, Director of Purchasing and Sourcing.

Our sales have increased as our capabilities have grown, because we respond very quickly to the market.

Rick Dahl
CEO of Trystar, LLC.


Trystar invested in a TruPunch 5000 with SheetMaster. The 14-fold increase in power did seem a little over the top at first. But the fact that engineers could develop new products won them over. With the TruPunch 5000, they can install louvres, perforations, threaded holes, slits, hinges and roller beadings for reinforcement to housings. Trystar replaced the welding robot with a laser cell of the TruLaser Robot 5020 type. "Our production speed is increased twenty-fold and we achieve a much higher level of quality," says Amacher. Welding the distributor element only takes three and a half minutes now instead of one hour. "Our sales have increased as our capabilities have grown, because we bring products to market very quickly," reinforces Dahl.



"We bought TRUMPF machines because we felt that we could grow into them. But the actual advantage was that we bought TRUMPF technology exclusively, which meant that we could automatically build up a seamless production line. The systems are designed so that they can be easily integrated and work well together," says Dahl. Everyone is excited about the latest machine technology. "Our staff are very proud to be able to work with some of the best machines in the world."


Trystar products can be found almost anywhere. Flood victims in Baton Rouge benefit from the mobile power supply solutions from Trystar as much as people living in areas ravaged by forest fires, storms and similar natural disasters. "The different requirements demand precisely the creative and flexible solutions that can be produced at short notice and which we can provide thanks to the TRUMPF machines," explains Amacher. "The consistent platforms and TruTops software support the optimum connection of these technologies and provide the best results."

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TruPunch 5000, productive high-end machine
TruPunch Series 5000

There is a reason the TruPunch 5000 is considered our productive high-end machine: thanks to the high-capacity hydraulic drive as well as high rotation speed of the C axis, it punches and marks with speed, flexibility and precision. In addition, smart functions and automation components increase the productivity and process reliability. 

Web special on laser welding, spot and seam welding
Laser welding systems

Our portfolio offers the suitable laser welding machine for every requirement. We would be happy to support you in finding the best laser processing machine for your specific application. We always look for the most economic solution for you, keeping an eye on the upstream and downstream processes involved in laser welding. 

TRUMPF software
Software solutions

You optimise your entire production process with the software solutions from TRUMPF – from the tender preparation to production to delivery to the customer. Make your processes quicker, more transparent and above all more economic thanks to customised software solutions for your Smart Factory.