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TruBend Cell 5000
TruBend Cell 5000
Bending machines

TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition

Cost-effective productive bending cell

Cost-effective productive bending cell

The TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition can be programmed in no time at all for fast, precise bends. It is ideal as productive and flexible automation for a wide range of parts. Produce high-quality bends with ease - thanks to intuitive programming and simple gripper changes.

Programming made easy

The TecZone Bend programming software performs calculations quickly and is easy to operate.

Diversify production

Use the gripper and vacuum gripping technology to bend small and medium parts as well as parts weighing up to 40 kg.

A firm grip

The automatic gripper change saves time.

Safe lifting

A sheet sensor helps the gripper to pick up the blanks correctly.

TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition
TruBend Cell 5000, BendMaster with 60 kg carrying capacity
BendMaster (60)

The BendMaster has a carrying capacity of 60 kg.

Fine position recognition

Sheet sensors detect the precise position of the components so that they are precisely recorded. A special centering station is no longer necessary.

TruBend Cell 5000 with adjustable medium multi-gripper

Multigripper medium on the TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition

Grippers with vacuum technology facilitate the handling of your components.

TruBend Cell 5000, pivoted-jaw gripper

Pivoting-jaw gripper on the TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition

The pivoting-jaw gripper helps to bend small components automatically. Its linear and rotary axes reduce the time spent regripping.

Multigreifer Small der TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition

Multigripper small on the TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition

The adjustable multigripper small is suitable for smaller parts. You can adjust it to the component in just a few steps using quick-release fasteners. Thanks to its 180 degree rotation unit, it also saves valuable cycle time when bending boxes.

TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition
Press force 850 kN
Bending length 2210 mm
Width between columns 1750 mm
Usable open height 615 mm
Throat depth 420 mm
Rapid downward movement 220 mm/s
Maximum Y press operation 10 mm/s
BendMaster (60)  
Maximum carrying capacity 60 kg
Maximum sheet weight 40 kg
Maximum blank dimension 1000 mm x 2000 mm
Minimum sheet thickness 0.7 mm
Dimensions and weights  
Weight of basic machine 8300 kg
TruBend machine 3020 mm x 1800 mm x 2840 mm
Small parts package

The small parts package consists of a sheet removal station and gripper. The sheet removal station separates and produces components - and does so parallel to production in a single operation. The pivoting-jaw gripper enables the automated bending of small components. Its linear and rotary axes reduce time-consuming regripping. ​

Multigreifer der TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition

Thanks to the adjustable multigripper, time-consuming gripper setup is a thing of the past. You can configure your gripper in the TRUMPF offline programming system in just a few minutes. With a few simple steps, you can adapt your multigripper to the component geometry by using the setup plan. Your added value: significantly reduced non-productive time. This gives your staff more time to work on tasks that generate value.

TruBend Cell 5000, gripper changing console
Gripper changing console

The console replaces grippers independently and can process orders automatically without manual intervention.

TecZone Bend

With TecZone Bend, you can program faster than ever before: The software creates a program suggestion within a few seconds based on 2D and 3D data – including NC program.


The software portfolio from TRUMPF optimizes your entire production process – from the customer query through to delivery of the finished part. TRUMPF combines the software intelligently with machines and services to create customized Industry 4.0 solutions for your Smart Factory.

Standard tools

You can choose between more than 150 upper and lower tool types for your personal range. You can order tools individually or as a set.

ZN tools

During the processing of galvanized sheets, even after just a few bends, there may be zinc deposits on the die, resulting in cold welding. This causes imprints on the component and imprecision. This can be avoided with the coated LASERdur ZN TRUMPF bending tools. These combine a high level of surface hardness with excellent sliding properties, are corrosion resistant, and do not need to be cleaned.

Special tool

For specific requirements, TRUMPF will develop your own personal tool solution. To guarantee the quality of your parts, we test the tools in advance with your specific material and create initial sample parts.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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