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Building of TRUMPF subsidiary in Freiburg Germany

HÜTTINGER = TRUMPF, since 1990.

Some companies are simply a perfect match for each other because they have similar cultures, their business fields complement each other, or because they share a common vision. Just like in the case of TRUMPF Hüttinger and TRUMPF. A leading laser and mechanical engineering company joined forces with the leading provider of process energy solutions. From the very outset, the special feature about this relationship was that TRUMPF Hüttinger focused on maintaining its strengths to ensure continuous development: flexibility, innovative strength, and the ability to make quick decisions. TRUMPF Hüttinger has long-term objectives which can only be achieved with long-term, intensive customer relationships, or as the saying goes at TRUMPF Hüttinger: through generating confidence!

Business divisions

Plasma excitation

Microchips, flat screens, and solar cells are all manufactured using innovative plasma technology. Many high-tech products which require thin layers in the nanometer range can only be created with targeted deposition and removal of material. However, plasma technology requires plasma. The generators from TRUMPF Hüttinger can offer a wide power and frequency spectrum, and ensure that the plasma ignites reliably and is stable when it burns.

Typisches Anwendungsgebiet der TruHeat MF Serie 3000 5000 7000: Epitaxie

Induction heating is the solution for demanding heat treatment processes and the most efficient of all heating processes. Users benefit from excellent flexibility in terms of temperature, as the spectrum is virtually unlimited with induction heating. TRUMPF Hüttinger generators can be used for traditional processes such as inductive hardening or sealing as well as for special applications such as crystal pulling.

Inverters for battery systems
Inverters for battery systems

As a result of their modular design, our inverters can be used in storage solutions involving a wide range of power classes – from kilowatts to megawatts. The innovative technological concept enables your battery system to be operated at the optimum operating point to maximize efficiency in all areas of application – from power suppliers to industrial applications and even domestic storage systems.

CO-2-Laser excitation
CO2 laser excitation

CO2 lasers use carbon dioxide as the laser medium and are commonplace in industrial applications. Their intensive light beams or light pulses can melt or evaporate even extremely hard materials on the spot. In order for the CO2 laser to emit light, it needs to be stimulated by an energy flow. The energy required for the TRUMPF CO2 lasers is supplied by the powerful RF generators from TRUMPF Hüttinger.

Products and services

Whether you are manufacturing flat-screen monitors, semi-conductors and solar cells, applying functional coatings to architectural glass, implementing inductive sealing on packaging, or hardening tools – we can offer our customers sophisticated products and qualified services for all these processes, to name but a few.

Find out more

Find out more

headquarters building of TRUMPF in Ditzingen Germany
Company profile

Our company profile provides you with brief information in facts and figures, and a video about the TRUMPF Group.

historical picture of the Stuttgart machine shop Julius Geiger GmbH

TRUMPF was founded in 1923 as a series of mechanical workshops, and has since developed into a global high-tech company. Find out about the history of our company.

A stack of TRUMPF annual reports
Annual report

If you would like to read our annual report online or order a printed copy, you can find the latest report here, as well as an archive for the last five years.

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