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Embossing MultiTool Easy Type

Emboss all of the letters of the alphabet, and Arabic digits and characters with just one tool

The lettering specialist

The five embossing inserts of the tool are coordinated in such a way that they can be combined to make the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, different characters and the numbers 0 to 9. Even following subsequent painting or powder coating on the sheet, the characters remain clear and homogenous.

Short set-up and tool change times

Just one tool to emboss all the 26 letters of the alphabet as well as numbers from 0 to 9.

Simple programming

TruTops supports you in the programming of the desired lettering.

Flexible marking

Small or large: As required, simply adjust the letter height from 4 to 10 mm.

Clearly legible

Homogeneous lettering, even if the sheet is subsequently painted or powder-coated.


Excellent rotational properties due to the special coating on the gear rim.

Präge-MultiTool EasyType

Using the embossing MultiTool Easy Type you can mark your sheet flexibly with all the letters of the Latin alphabet, Arabic digits and characters. The tool is based on the punch adapter of the 5-station MultiTool and is equipped with five embossing inserts: one long and one short line, one large and one small semi-circle, as well as a circle. Even following subsequent painting or powder coating on the sheet, the characters are still clear and homogeneous. The TruTops software will support you in the programming of your lettering.

Sample sheet

Order a free sample sheet and see the benefits for yourself.

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