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What does a Head of Department in Development do at TRUMPF?

The Development department at TRUMPF primarily develops groundbreaking new products and improves existing machines and systems. However big the challenge, the development engineers always work together as a team to find the best possible solution. Matthias Wissert, Head of the Department in Development at TRUMPF Lasersystems for Semiconductor Manufacturing (TLSM), tells us more about this special spirit.

"The high degree of interdependence between many technical and organizational challenges is particularly fascinating."

Matthias Wissert
Head of Department in Development at TLSM

What is your job like?

TLSM's Development department with nearly one hundred employees is responsible for the optical design and qualification of the main components in the CO2 laser amplifier, which, together with products from ASML and Zeiss, enable the next-generation of computer chips to be manufactured.. My department also performs the electrical and software development as well as some of the mechanical design for these components. As Head of Department, my group leaders and I are responsible for the series production support of our systems, including finding solutions to technical escalations in production and at customer sites. My duties also include the technical specification and implementation of development projects, prioritizing these projects, occupational safety in our test areas and HR planning, hiring and appraisals. All this is done in close coordination with the colleagues from other departments and the managing director of TLSM.

What makes your job so exciting? Why do you like doing it?

The high degree of interdependence between many technical and organizational challenges is particularly fascinating. Systematic thinking is essential in order to channel the requirements coming from the most diverse of disciplines. The question of "what is best for the overall product and for the customer?" needs to be repeatedly answered and is dependent on constantly changing conditions. We therefore regularly have the possibility to optimize and plan again. What fascinates and motivates me is that every day is a new opportunity to continue learning how to adapt to changing situations and finding suitable organizational structures that function for employees and are right for TRUMPF goals.

What's special about working at TRUMPF?

From day one, I have been impressed by the team spirit among the employees at TRUMPF. If you have a question, there's always someone willing to help or knows someone who can help.

In your opinion, what do people need to fit into your team?

We are the ideal team for those who enjoy complex, constantly changing challenges. We are also the right team if you like situations where the answer to one technical question leads to new problems to be solved. Enthusiasm for a broad range of technical issues, even if outside one's own specialist field, is also a big plus.

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