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What does a Group Leader in production at TRUMPF do?

At TRUMPF, every component is a high-end product with very high quality requirements. When things aren't running quite smoothly in production and assembly, teamwork is required in order to come together and find solutions quickly. We posed 5-questions to Volker Metsch, who leads such a team in TRUMPF's production.

"You grow into the job."

Volker Metsch
Group Leader in drive laser production

What was your most brave moment?

On an afternoon in July 2012 I got a call about a customer escalation at a prototype plant in the Netherlands. As the developer at that time, I was urgently needed on site to rectify the error. Instead of going to my father's birthday celebrations, I packed things for the trip and was on my way a few hours later. I was relatively inexperienced with the entire system, but the laser's technical problem needed to be identified. I'd also never worked in a clean room while being observed by the customer and under time pressure. Eventually, the fault was located in the electrical control and rectified so that the customer could continue trials.

What is your job like?

I am the Group Leader responsible for final assembly and overall commissioning of drive lasers. This includes disciplinary and technical management of 40 employees, as well as responsibility for deadlines and product quality. I'm also TLSM's Energy Management Officer and therefore responsible for the subsidiary's DIN EN ISO 50001 certification.

What makes your job so exciting? Why do you like doing it?

In my opinion, it's the "drive laser" technical issues that make my job so exciting. It's a highly sophisticated product, which is why my tasks are always varied and never get boring.

What's special about working at TRUMPF?

For me, what's special about working at TRUMPF are the great colleagues I've been regularly working with over the years. TRUMPF also works on exciting technological issues that are not so easy to find elsewhere. I also like that TRUMPF embodies family business values and that its employees strongly identify with them.

What do you think people need to fit into the team?

Above all, you need the ability to work in a team and the willingness to constantly learn new things. You're not expected to know everything, but it's important to have the motivation and ability to acquire the information needed to perform your daily tasks.

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