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Always the right laser parameters

Lasermarkieren für alle

You don't have to be a laser technology expert to create high-quality laser markings. With our NAVIGATOR software module, users can get started quickly even without any previous knowledge on the subject. The NAVIGATOR uses TRUMPF's technical knowledge to find the right settings for your application - depending on the material being used.

No previous knowledge required

Suitable for users with no prior knowledge in laser material processing

The correct settings automatically

The NAVIGATOR loads the best process parameters depending on the material, process, and laser system.

Decisions made easy

A matrix with various process parameters on the component explains the marking result for different parameters.

Workpiece-specific marking files

Transfer desired parameter sets to the CAD editor of the TruTops Mark marking software.

Save time

Automatic programming for alternating workpieces saves you a great deal of time.

NAVIGATOR software module, TruTops Mark

No previous knowledge required

How much do you need to know about laser technology in order to create high-quality laser markings? With the NAVIGATOR software module, nothing. Even newcomers to the world of lasers can find the right laser settings quickly and easily with the NAVIGATOR. The entire process takes less than two minutes.

Testfelder zur Auswahl des geeigneten Parametersets

Perfect marking results in just a few steps

You select the material (metal, plastic, or ceramic) and the desired process (for example deep engraving) from a user-friendly menu. You then decide whether you want to mark a line or a surface. The NAVIGATOR uses this information to calculate parameter sets that match your project. A matrix field made up of colored squares appears in the CAD editor, which you can adapt to your workpiece size. Once the laser has marked the various test fields on the product, you can select the best result or fine-tune the parameters. Finally, you simply import the parameter set of the best test field to the marking file with a mouse click.

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