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Arc management
Arc management

Arc management

Our products for professional arc management

The challenge:
High deposition rates and excellent layer qualities - these are crucial quality requirements in plasma-assisted recoating processes such as in the production of solar cells or the coating of flat screen monitors. Plasma coatings can however be disrupted by electrical sparkovers or arc discharges as they are known. The power supply being used therefore needs to detect and react to an arc in the quickest possible time.The solution:
Our plasma generators are equipped with an arc management system tailored to individual needs. These allow extremely quick arc detection, allowing the generator to react to arcs rapidly and with precision. Arcs are managed by briefly switching off the output power thereby discharging the arc. On restarting the generator, a check is made for correct burning of the glow discharge.

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Arc management
The creation of arcs during MF magnetron sputtering: A well-known problem during reactive magnetron sputtering is the arc formation at the cathodes.


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