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In 2007 Tanja Schröder took over her parents' company. However, production was soon no longer fast or flexible enough to keep up with the market. In 2012 she boldly and spontaneously invested in a pre-owned laser cutting machine from TRUMPF. This was followed by a TruBend 3120, a TruBend 7036, a TruLaser 1030 fiber, and a TruLaser Tube 5000. Today, Tanja Schröder has four TRUMPF machines, ten employees – and a sense of achievement every single day.

Sheet metal processing
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Thalmässing (Germany)

"If you don't change, nothing changes" – this is Tanja Schröder's formula for success

As an owner of a company, Tanja Schröder (a sheet metal processor) believes that courage is essential, because "if you are afraid of making decisions, nothing changes." Her readiness to fearlessly look ahead has allowed her to direct her family company out of crisis.


Beer Metallbau has existed for around 50 years. For its owner, Tanja Schröder, the breaking point came in 2012; business was becoming increasingly worse, and she saw an acute need for action. Production was simply not fast or flexible enough to attract a sufficient amount of orders. She recognized that not making a bold investment now would mean that the company would cease to operate sooner or later – and she decided very spontaneously to invest in a pre-used laser cutting machine by TRUMPF. "I think I'm going to buy a laser," she decided in the run-up to a trade show visit – and put her intention directly into practice in the form of a TRUMPF pre-owned machine. 

"Once the laser arrived it became clear that we still needed something for bending. The TruBend bending machine made it possible to go full steam ahead with operations. It's put us in a really strong position and we can produce even sample and single parts with flexibility."

Tanja Schröder


The laser cutting machine was followed by the first bending machine. The machinery allowed Beer's range of parts to grow. Order numbers also skyrocketed. "We receive a lot more orders because we are able to provide a lot more." They are even able to produce sample and single parts for customers in their entirety with flexibility. The machines – currently a laser cutting machine, two bending machines and a laser tube-cutting machine – mean that Tanja Schröder feels "really well prepared." With this in mind, she believes it is important that her supplier remains reliable not only before, but also following the purchase. The fact that her contact person at TRUMPF is directly nearby gives her a sense of security: "It was really important for me to know that they'll be there when we need them."


Tanja Schröder and her team were able to navigate the technology right from the start. She even found bending comparatively easy, as a result of the clever machine functions: "With the TruBend, I just write my program, install my tools, and the angle comes out just as I want it to. TRUMPF makes it really easy to control." It is not difficult to see that she enjoys her work. "I arrive at work every morning feeling motivated. The employees are absolutely wonderful, we have excellent machines, and a sense of achievement every day – it's just great!"


Tanja Schröder is always curating a wish list for new machines in her mind – as well as ideas about what else she can gain from her machines. Financing was never an issue in this respect. "It's actually a simple scheme – I tell the field staff what I would like, and they work out the right financing for it. So far it's always worked well."

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TruBend Series 3000, cost-effective standard machine
TruBend 3120

The TruBend Series 3000 brings together the best TRUMPF quality with simple operation and an attractive price-performance ratio. This means you can manufacture economically even in low utilization, and profit from precise results as well as the highest safety standards.

TruBend 7036
TruBend 7036

The TruBend Series 7000 is a prime example of the perfect interaction between human and machine. High speeds in conjunction with optimal working conditions deliver first-rate overall productivity.

TruLaser 1030 fiber, main product image
TruLaser 1030 fiber

The compact space-savers of the TruLaser Series 1000 impress with their extremely low investment and operating costs, as well as their operation, which is revolutionary in its simplicity.

TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber
TruLaser Tube 5000

Benefit from maximum modularity and accessibility: you can keep an eye on everything due to the exceptionally open concept of the TruLaser Tube 5000. Its setup free clamping system also helps you reduce idle time to a minimum.