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Standard functional upgrades

Simply expand the scope of functions: You can also subsequently integrate standard product enhancements into your TRUMPF product without a lot of work. All of the possible functions are individually defined and perfectly coordinated to your machine. You make your selection from a modular system and can always rely on perfect operation.




Constant temperature for laser cutting and good cutting results even in thick steel. The CoolLine function sprays water coaxially onto the processing point through a special nozzle. Heat is drawn away from the sheet through the vaporization energy of the water. Cooling is thereby achieved and the temperature remains almost constant during the cutting process. With this function, you can nest parts more closely, resulting in less scrap and more profit.

Observe Line


The most varied reasons can cause cutting slugs to remain in the finished part, causing problems in downstream operations. ObserveLine is an optical measuring procedure with which every contour can be checked for a complete cut. Compared to measurement with distance regulation, the optical measurement has the advantage that it is faster and more precise. Even smaller hole diameters and angled punching slugs can be detected.

Abgänge eines Festkörperlasers

Flexible outputs and intelligent beam management

Due to the modularity of the majority of solid-state laser devices, they can be equipped with additional outputs even after purchase. This increases your productive laser use as you can operate up to six different work stations one after the other or at the same time.

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