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historical advertising leaflet of the hand guided machines from TRUMPF

Hand-guided machines for simple sheet metal processing

historical picture of a hand-guided machine from TRUMPF


The first motor-driven hand shears

The company presents the first motor-driven hand shears (HSP 201) for cutting sheet metal. This results in a wide range of power tools.

historical logo of julius geiger


Name change

The company is renamed "TRUMPF & Co. vormals Julius Geiger GmbH".

historical picture of the Stuttgart machine shop Julius Geiger GmbH


The company has over one hundred employees

The company has more than one hundred employees. During the Second World War, TRUMPF maintains its product range of electric hand shears and flexible shafts. The production sites remain undamaged. TRUMPF takes on around 30 forced labourers from France, the majority of whom come from Vierzon, south of Paris.

historical picture of the serial production of TRUMPF stationary shears in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf Germany


Construction of stationary curve shears

Christian Trumpf decides to build stationary curve shears. These are presented under the name "TRUMPF Aushauschere TAS".

historical picture of the first TRUMPF Logo


Change to the logo

In 1948, TRUMPF changes its logo due to the new product field. The spade logo is then used for over thirty years.

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