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Jie Xia, field service technician at TRUMPF in Ditzingen, Germany, gets to know a lot of exciting cultures through his job.

When customers order a machine from TRUMPF, they expect everything to run smoothly. This is precisely what Jie Xia is responsible for. Since 2015 he has worked in the Application Center at TRUMPF in Ditzingen, Germany. From here, he travels round the whole world and adapts machines to the requirements of his customers, installing software programs and giving training sessions.

A suitcase full of ideas

Jie Xia's career began in a factory in Shanghai. Back then, it was his dream to work as a service engineer. He never thought he would end up being in a different country almost every day.

He has not regretted the decision to leave his home country and work in Germany for a second. Jie Xia's colleagues have made it easy for him to settle in and get over the German/Chinese culture shock. He did end up back in China quite quickly though for one of his customers. A manufacturer of aeroplanes had particular requirements for a laser welding system that they use for cutting and welding sheet metal for aeroplanes. Jie Xia developed and installed a special solution for them.  

Daring to take the plunge

Today the USA, tomorrow Hungary: Jie Xia loves getting to know different cultures – even if it takes a lot of courage and every time is like jumping in at the deep end. At TRUMPF, he is given this opportunity almost every day. The thing that he appreciates in particular about working here is the freedom and the trust that he is shown. And knowing that he can still ask his superiors if he has any questions at any time. Things that seemed like a major obstacle to him in the past – such as language or culture barriers – are insignificant today, mostly due to the help from his colleagues.

"We are not just colleagues, we are a family"

Jie Xia has an immediate answer for what one needs to work at TRUMPF: "Curiosity! You should always stay curious and not be afraid of new things." He can no longer imagine having any other employer than TRUMPF: "We are like a family."

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