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Career story: Robert Gaus

Robert Gaus, service engineer at TRUMPF in Schramberg, Germany, enjoys variety and challenges – both in his spare time and at work.

Robert Gaus is a service engineer with a passion for climbing. He loves the variety offered by working both in-house and out in the field, appreciates independence and travelling. To stay fit for mountaineering, he jogs regularly and thus explores the area around his place of assignment. His personal goal is to have jogged at least once in all the countries of the world. A very special highlight of his career: in July 2016, he climbed almost 3,000 metres up the Zugspitze to install the world's highest TRUMPF laser. Robert always knew: "Should there ever be a problem, I have the full back-up of my team. When I need help, I get it – around the clock. In 17 years, I've never been left in the lurch."

Karrieregeschichte Robert Gaus

An unusual mission

In July 2016, Robert set off for Schneefernerhaus, a former hotel in the Alps, with his tool box and backpack. Since 1999 it has been used as the highest environmental research station in Germany. Two scientists from the Max Planck Institute awaited him on site. Using high-speed cameras, they want to get to the bottom of the question of how clouds and rain interact and what happens to a single drop. To enable the cameras to capture optimal images, green light is required, which is provided by the TRUMPF laser. Together with the two scientists, Robert spent two days at the research station to put the laser into operation.

Karrieregeschichte Robert Gaus

It can't be done without bravery

The greatest challenge for Robert Gaus was his path into the unknown. According to Robert, every journey requires courage, because the local conditions are often different and not always predictable.  Laser transport was a delicate issue in this project. This is because the installed TruMicro 7240 laser is the most powerful short-pulse laser in the world and weighs several hundred kilograms. Ultimately, however, the laser could be transported up the mountain on a cog railway.

Karrieregeschichte Robert Gaus

"Mirror image of TRUMPF values"

For Robert, the entire project "Laser Installation on the Zugspitze" perfectly reflects TRUMPF's culture of values. Although he had not previously worked with the type of laser to be installed, TRUMPF trusted him to master this task. "Just as TRUMPF trusts me to repair a laser on my own at the other end of the world, nobody questioned my ability to familiarise myself with this topic," says Robert.

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