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For Stefanie Epple, development engineer at TRUMPF in Ditzingen, Germany, her job is close to her heart.

As a development engineer at TRUMPF, Stefanie Epple is responsible for thoroughly checking machines before they are sold and for optimising them so that they meet the customer's requirements perfectly. TRUMPF machines are used, for example, to manufacture stoves, kitchen equipment, underground train carriages, grills for barbecues – as well as for blanks for ice skate blades, which the customer developed together with German speed skater Claudia Pechstein. Stefanie Epple is especially fond of this project because she is a passionate figure skater herself. Ever since she was a child, she has gone skating multiple times a week – even providing training and choreographing, too. "At some point, I said to my dad: One day I am going to work for myself and develop my own blades." 

Support from fantastic colleagues

Unlike her customers, Stefanie Epple's superiors have trusted her from the very beginning. This is something she values greatly at TRUMPF. She knows that her team and superiors are always behind her, providing her with support. This is something that has helped her to become confident today, so she travels to new customers happily, rather than with an uneasy feeling.

Trust at every level

These days Stefanie Epple would not trade her job for anything. She loves the fact that you can enjoy the benefits of working for a family company, such as for example, the flexible working hours and a company doctor, and that the mood is good. A great deal of trust is put in the employees and much is done for their wellbeing.

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