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TruMark Station 7000 – high-performance for large tasks
TruMark Station 7000 – high-performance for large tasks
Marking systems

TruMark Station 7000

High-performance for large tasks

Large scale in series production

With its large inside dimensions, the TruMark Station 7000 marking system offers a great amount of space for almost any application. It doesn't matter if you want to mark a single large component, or components weighing up to 100 kg with laser precision, or a large number of small parts in a series. You can also optionally obtain the TruMark Station 7000 with our rotary table system and benefit from loading parallel to production, and a clear boost in productivity. It is perfectly suited for heavy components and fixtures up to approx. 35 kg per side. The entire work area has excellent accessibility and the outstanding ergonomics make it easy to work with. The motor-driven door provides safety and boosts productivity with quick opening and closing, with an option for partial opening/closing. The fast-moving axes keep non-productive time to a minimum. Various smoke and particle extraction systems which are perfectly tailored to our TruMark lasers ensure that the working environment is free of emissions, even in the case of high laser power. Additionally, the torsion-resistant system ensures excellent vibration damping even for heavy components, through a polymer concrete plate as a central component.

Specialist for series production

The large work area and many options mean that the station is ideal for large lot sizes – especially with the rotary table.

Outstanding ergonomics

The well-thought-out design of the work station counteracts fatigue for the machine operator.

Easy to use

One user interface for operating the axes, laser parameters and external communication

No dust or smoke

The laser power on the workpiece remains entirely uninfluenced thanks to the powerful surface exhaust system or the more precise spot exhaust system. This allows the quality of the marking to remain consistent.

Perfect wavelength and laser power

For every application, various TRUMPF beam sources, pulse durations and power classes can be flexibly combined with the station. This allows for perfect application results.

The productivity boost

The combination of vibration dampening polymer concrete plate and rotary table unit allow heavy components to be loaded and processed at the same time, without influencing the marking parallel to the cycle time.

TruMark Station 7000 – high-performance for large tasks
Image processing using the TruMark 6030 as an example
TruMark Station 7000
High-end with all the features

The top model is the first TRUMPF laser marking system with a stable construction that is suitable for industrial use featuring a polymer concrete plate as the main design component. Furthermore, you can of course find all the additional advantages of the TRUMPF laser marking work stations in the TruMark Station 7000 as well: among other things this includes the laser supply unit integrated in the machine frame, as well as the integrated rotary axis for circumference marking. The system's functions can be monitored using Remote Services – after activation, our service experts can quickly provide you with additional help using this.

TruMark 7000 interior space
True simplicity

You can mark workpieces of a wide range of sizes inside the TruMark Station 7000. The laser can be moved using two axes in the X and Z direction and with the positioning of the working surface in the Y direction, it opens up an extensive work area that is still always easy for you to access.

Look into the interior of the TruMark Station 7000 – the TRUMPF laser marking system for large tasks
Full flexibility – even with rotary table

With our rotary table system, you don't need to forego the x and z axes. You can mark the entire area of the rotary table, and process beyond the marking field as the laser moves beyond the component.

Laser-marked washing machine panel, marked in a TruMark Station 7000

Colour change

Washing machine panels made of plastic can be easily and quickly marked with a UV marking laser, thanks to the large work area of the TruMark Station 7000. This results in dark, high-contrast scales, type and brand designations on the light panel, which are also pleasantly smooth to the touch as the plastic is not foamed.

Stent which has been marked with the laser (blackmarking with TruMicro Mark)

Precise marking of intricate medical products

The TruMark Station 7000 even marks very intricate products in medical technology – which often have a curved surface – to a consistently high quality. Take, for example, the neurosurgical implants shown above.

Annealing with the TruMark Series 5000


Local heat input is used to discolour the workpiece surface. The annealing colour changes depending on the material and the energy input. The surface stays smooth, which means that dirt cannot be deposited.

Engraving with the TruMark Series 6000


During engraving, the laser beam removes part of the base material, thus creating a depression. This may have steep or beveled edges.

Discolouration of workpieces with the TruMark Series 6000


If the material and laser wavelength are optimally matched, the dye molecules are deliberately discoloured or faded. The surface remains smooth. In addition to metallic materials, organic substances such as wood or leather can also be processed with the TRUMPF marking lasers.

Surface processing with the one-box lasers

Surface processing

The laser can be used to structure surfaces for a specific function or to clean them. This way, rust, oil or phosphate layers may be removed in preparation for subsequent processes, such as laser welding.

Surface structuring with the TruMark Series 5000

Structured surfaces

The laser can be used to structure surfaces for a specific function. If the surface is structured with tiny melt elevations, significantly higher adhesion effects can be achieved with the same material properties. If interlocking components are structured through the addition of micro-depressions, the running characteristics improve significantly with the same quantity of lubricant.

Daytime and night-time design of buttons in a vehicle thanks to laser marking with TRUMPF TruMark products


Ablation partially removes thin top layers of multi-layer plastics which are applied to the basic material and have very different colours. This process can be used for the day and night design, for example, which is used in the automotive and other industries.

Foaming of plastics with TruMark lasers


During foaming, the laser heats the plastic to cause a short melting process. During the subsequent cooling process, small gas bubbles become trapped and diffuse the light that falls on them and is reflected. This type of laser marking produces a raised marking.

TruMark Station 7000R
Workpiece specification  
Rotary plate diameter 770 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 35 kg per page
Available motorised axis  
Traverse path of Z axis 500 mm
Traverse path of X axis 650 mm
Z traverse speed 6 m/min
X traverse speed 6 m/min
Dimensions and weight of work station  
Dimensions of work station (W x H x D) 1150 mm x 2000 / 2524 mm x 1624 mm
Product image TruTops Mark

TruTops Mark

The TruTops Mark marking software makes marking with the TruMark lasers as easy as possible. The TruTops Mark program combines the marking software, CAD editor, management of laser parameters and interfaces, sequence programming with QuickFlow and a diagnostics tool. An intuitive interface puts all the functions at your fingertips. You can easily draw and arrange graphic objects with the CAD editor. The database for laser parameters enables you to re-use optimised parameters many times over. You can use the QuickFlow sequence programming to create "pick-and-drop" programs that control the complete marking cycle from beginning to end. The diagnostics tool visualises and analyses the analogue measured values recorded by its sensors.

TruTops Mark 3D product picture

TruTops Mark 3D

Our TruTops Mark 3D marking software impresses through its user-friendly operation and significantly shorter process times. From now on, depending on the application, multiple objects to be marked can be reached with a laser system – especially where multiple lasers would have been required in the past. This makes the marking of three-dimensional surfaces such as sloping or curved surfaces very easy and efficient. In addition to the marking software, the package also includes a comprehensive 3D CAD editor, which can be used to independently create workpieces, and from which drawings for 3D marking can be derived.

Module interface of the TruTops Mark software

TruTops Mark Module Interface

With the TruTops Mark Module Interface (TTM-MI), you can customise the content, appearance and layout of the TruTops Mark user interface, entirely based on your needs. Operation is then tailored to your entire production and process chain. Furthermore, the software module makes it very easy for you to integrate the marking laser into your entire system consisting of database, measurement technology and other components.

The TruTops Mark Station 7000 can be combined with numerous TRUMPF marking laser series, thereby offering the right solution for any application.

The other options for the TruMark Station 7000 optimise your production process and help to improve user-friendliness.

VisionLine image processing

Increase your process reliability with VisionLine, TRUMPF's image processing solution. VisionLine detects the position of the component and ensures that marking takes place in the correct location. It is also possible to read out and check the marked code. The modular structure opens up numerous options. No matter whether the camera looks through the scanner lens, is laterally installed or whether the machine uses one or two cameras – anything is possible.

Rotary axis of the TruMark Station 7000
Rotary axis

You can implement high-quality markings even on cylindrical workpieces with the help of the optional rotary axes. A rotary axis with stepping motor enables circumference marking of components.

TruMark Station 7000 – high-performance for large tasks
Motorised Y axis

A guide carriage installed on the machine frame, operated by a program-controlled servo drive enables precise positioning of your components. The traverse path is 375 mm, the repetition accuracy is typically ±0.025 mm, and the traverse speed is 15 m/min.

TRUMPF TruMark Station marking system area exhaustion
Integrated exhaust system

The exhaust system for particle and smoke emissions is integrated into the machine frame, thereby reducing the installation area. It is possible to choose between a surface exhaust system or a precise spot exhaust system in the work area. A differential pressure sensor allows for filter monitoring.

TRUMPF Remote Services
Remote Services

In the event of a fault, TRUMPF service experts will remotely access your laser via a secure remote connection. In many cases the fault can be remedied directly in this way, or the configuration of the laser can be modified in a way that permits you to continue manufacturing until the spare part arrives.

TruMark Station 7000 – high-performance for large tasks
Intuitive control

The optional touchscreen also makes control easier for you as well as increasing productivity. At the same time, the newly designed operating panel with its versatile functional buttons ensures intuitive handling and a simple set-up operation.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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