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3D display of metal bending dies and tools for sheet metal working against a blue-green background

BendGuide: exclusive knowledge from bending technology

BendGuide offers exclusive knowledge from decades of experience in bending technology.
Whether for reference or long-term knowledge building: BendGuide accompanies you in the implementation of your individual bending requirements.
Our Web application offers basic knowledge, clear practical examples including image and video material on special applications, and also step-by-step instructions.
You can also perform specific calculations with the associated app.

An overview of your benefits

Always the perfect solution

Large selection of already-implemented special applications in bending technology

Exploit full potential

Calculating the limit values for your bending tools

State-of-the-art knowledge from bending technology

Acquire bending knowledge for free, time-efficiently and continuously

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Discover the possibilities of bending technology! Receive TRUMPF support for your component design with our free web application.

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Calculate bending parameters quickly and simply


With the TRUMPF BendGuide app you can calculate the key bending parameters quickly and simply:

  • Press force calculation
  • Press force table
  • Box height
  • Side length
  • Die width
  • Open-height check
  • Inner workpiece radius
  • Sheet thickness conversion
  • Tool weight calculation
  • Sheet metal weight calculation

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In the "More" menu item, you can convert the units of measurement from metric to the Anglo-American system.
Send us your questions, comments and suggestions directly in the app.

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The BendGuide app is available for Android free of charge.

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