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Clearing the way to digital production

Digital processes enhance the competitiveness of sheet metal processors when tailored precisely to their production needs. As Smart Factory Consultants with expertise in the sheet metal working industry, we are here to support you throughout this digital transformation. Step by step, we analyse your current situation, identify potential areas for improvement and define the desired target state. External consulting can help to overcome internal resistance and implement digital processes that save you time and money. 

Transform pain points into opportunities

Clarity on the shop floor

Is your team wasting too much time looking for sheet metal and orders? Let's bring clarity to your shop floor together. We'll optimize your processes and assist you in the subsequent digitalization steps. 

Eliminate dependency on personnel

In many companies, a few key people hold everything together. If one of them succumbs to illness or is dismissed, the situation can swiftly turn into a major crisis. By implementing digital processes, you can reduce this dependency and make production-related knowledge more accessible. 

Overcome internal resistance

"We've always done it this way". New ideas often meet with internal resistance. Drum up support by using facilitation techniques and best practice examples to enlist employees to work towards shared objectives. 

Going digital with us as your co-pilot by your side

Process analysis & digitalization strategy
Production planning
Paperless production control
Digital shop floor logistics

Your digital production – our solutions

Process analysis

A chaotic process does not get better when you digitalize it. So, before digitalization, it's essential to start with analysis. We cast a trained eye over your processes and ask how they can be simplified. Once things are in order, the digitalization process begins. We help you to identify where digitization makes sense for your business, or may even be indispensable.

Production planning

Digital production planning solutions like Oseon help to keep your sheet metal processing flowing. It automatically incorporates last-minute orders, monitors your delivery dates and controls the machine utilization rate. The software is offered in three expansion stages: Go, Grow, and Flow, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your current situation. And it can be expanded at any time. Following the principle of "As much as necessary, as simple as possible," we suggest appropriate building blocks and provide support during installation .

Paperless production control

Are your printers running at full speed, and you find yourself spending a significant amount of time sorting order papers, technical drawings and setup plans? Oseon enables you to digitally streamline the information flow between work preparation and production seamlessly. We work with you to design processes that provide employees with the necessary information for their tasks without relying on paper. This not only reduces paper usage but also lowers the risk of errors.  

Digital shop floor logistics

Do you want to ensure that the right materials are always in the right place at the right time? To achieve this, we analyze your current logistics processes and determine the optimal material flow, including stores and buffers. We also assess technologies like AGVS (Automated Guided Vehicles), QR code scanners and automated material postings. All with the single aim of achieving a synchronized order and material flow that reduces stress and saves you time and money. 

What are our customers concerned with in terms of digitalization?

"Everyone is talking about digitalization, but as sheet metal processors where do we even begin?"

"The analog processes of old no longer work today."

"We can operate machines, but digitalizing the processes is a challenge."

When will you establish a clear path for digital production?

Contact us to discuss the potential for increasing digitalization in your sheet metal processing.

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