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Käppler & Pausch customer story | TRUMPF

New markets with the TruLaser Tube 7000

Käppler & Pausch GmbH is a true multi-talent when it comes to sheet metal processing. When the company, which is based in Neukirch, Germany, decided to enter into laser tube processing a few years ago, their customer base changed fundamentally.

All-rounder when it comes to sheet metal processing

Käppler & Pausch, a sheet metal processing company based in Neukirch, Germany, supplies countless industries – from the aircraft industry, mechanical engineering, rail and automotive industry to agricultural mechanical engineering and medical technology. It processes almost all types of materials; lot sizes range from prototypes to series with quantities of 5,000. Their portfolio includes everything from design to production of complete assemblies. This enables the company to work both as a job shop and as a system supplier.

New customer segments thanks to laser tube processing

Käppler & Pausch took the decision to enter into laser tube processing around seven years ago. Their aim was not only to make new tube and profile designs more accessible to existing sheet metal customers, but also to tap into completely new customer segments that are dependent on tubes. This strategy paid off.

Degree of automation of 35%

Heute läuft die TruLaser Tube 7000 wie alle Maschinen bei Käppler & Pausch, außer im Bereich Kanten, im Dreischichtbetrieb und gerät oft an die Kapazitätsgrenze. Für einen optimalen Mehrschichtbetrieb sind alle Maschinen an ein Stopa-Lager mit mehr als 630 Plätzen angebunden. Wenn es notwendig ist, können vier Maschinen vollautomatisch laufen. Dies entspricht einem Automatisierungsgrad von 35 Prozent, der laut Mitgründer Gabriel Pausch sogar noch Potential nach oben hat.