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From one additional device to a complete tube cutting professional

Initially with the TruLaser 3040, and then with the RotoLas additional device, Dcoup Laser quickly made the jump to another very flexible production area – tube processing. Over time, RotoLas started working non-stop, and despite 3-shift operation, the company reached its capacity limits. The company recognised the potential of tube processing and decided to invest in a laser tube cutting machine.

A gentle introduction thanks to locally based personal support

To this day, Frédéric Demarche has never regretted deciding to buy the TruLaser Tube 7000. "As we had previously worked with the TruLaser 3040, the software wasn't completely new to us and the rest we quickly learned in training sessions from TRUMPF and their sales partner in Belgium, V.A.C.", states the Managing Director. The simple TruTops Tube software operating concept allows you to precisely calculate cutting geometries. The program also automatically calculates the corners in rectangular profiles.

Capitalise on the competitive advantage

By buying the TruLaser Tube 7000, Dcoup Laser has chosen a high-end machine that, with its numerous features in terms of tube processing, leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to its fully automatic machine adjustment, it produces with minimal non-productive times and cuts tubes and profiles with an outer circle diameter of up to 254 millimetres. The PierceLine option also allows you to cut mild steel with wall thicknesses of up to ten millimetres.

Get customers enthusiastic about the benefits of tube processing

In the future, Dcoup Laser will take even more time to convince its customers of the production possibilities, the machine and the expertise of the company. After all, many of the advantages of laser tube cutting have not yet become common knowledge. They don't just save the job shop and customer time and money, but also enable innovative tube designs that allow complete assemblies to be produced.