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No matter how networked you already are, the aim is clear: the ability to increase complexity and decrease lot sizes in sheet metal processing. With our solutions, we will accompany you step by step through your Smart Factory. No two paths are the same: the components are combined to create ideal solution for your requirements.


We create transparency: regarding the productivity of the entire shop floor and the status of your TRUMPF machinery

Clarity and flexibility

Provides clarity and flexibility: saves real cash and valuable time thanks to data-based analysis

Easy integration

Simplifies the integration of TRUMPF machines and external machines in monitoring systems, regardless of the age, manufacturer or technology of your machines

Easier condition monitoring

Facilitates condition monitoring and analysis by monitoring products, or the provision of data for local systems

Seamless integration of many TRUMPF machines into your own software environment is very easy. We have the right solution for every combination, be it integration into TruTops Fab or a connection to TruTops Monitor.

What can you do with existing machines that don't have a standardised data exchange function? TRUMPF has the perfect solution.

Connect TRUMPF machines to your individual monitoring system

Most current machine tools from TRUMPF have the option of establishing OPC UA-based communication using interfaces. For older machines, we offer the OPC UA Retrofit Cube. Based on your machine status data, you receive analyses in the form of dashboards along with action recommendations for faster problem solving. This gives you transparency regarding machine status and allows you to maximise your machine availability. With the interface for the production status, for example, you receive information which can be used to detect the capacity utilisation of your machines and for processing in your individual software system.​

TruConnect, Retrofit Cube

The OPC UA Retrofit Cube integrates older TRUMPF machines into your monitoring system

Machines without interfaces for standardised data exchange due their age require the OPC UA Retrofit Cube. It provides the proprietary digital interfaces, even for software from third-party suppliers. The system consists of an industrial PC with an OPC UA interface. As soon as it's connected and configured, it provides you with the available signals locally.​

Connect machines from third-party suppliers with the world of TRUMPF

Do you need transparency for your entire machine pool, regardless of manufacturer or age of your machine? No problem, our Basic Connectivity Kit​ offers a solution for your production.

TruConnect Connectivity Kit

The Basic Connectivity Kit integrates machines from third-parties suppliers and older TRUMPF machines into TruTops Monitor

Once installed, the Basic Connectivity Kit provides signals depending on the operating status of the machine, and incredibly simply at that: "Machine is stationary without malfunction", "Machine is stationary with malfunction", "Machine is in operation". TruTops Monitor interprets this information and displays it analogous to your other machines in the dashboard. This works around the clock at all workstations in your production. Of course, new TRUMPF machine tools are integrated into TruTops Monitor as standard.​

Smart Factory – many options, one experienced partner

Plan systematically together with our Smart Factory experts to identify the optimisation potential in your production. We look forward to seeing you!

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