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Sensor systems

No matter what challenge you may face in your everyday production, in the future, you can remain optimally equipped through highly intelligent process sensor systems.

Examples of sensor systems

SeamLine Pro

SeamLine Pro

Before, during and after welding, SeamLine Pro continuously gathers data for completely reproducible results. The comprehensive process sensor system monitors the entire welding process and at the same time records the seam point, the focal spot and the weld seam. A key advantage is that SeamLine Pro automatically adjusts the focal point at any time. Following welding, the sensor system checks the seam height and width, as well as edge offset.



VisionLine carries out visual component detection and ensures that the welding and cutting process is always executed at the right part of the component. You can rely on increased process reliability, simple operation and systematic traceability of the components produced.


The product enhancement CalibrationLine checks whether the focal position and laser power on the workpiece actually match the laser control system specifications, at regular, individually definable intervals. If necessary, CalibrationLine corrects the measured values, thereby bringing the program and reality back in line for perfect welding results.

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