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Solution Guide and Technical Guide

Our Solution Guides help you to identify the issue with the machine so that we can provide exactly the assistance you require. By following the correct Technical Guide, you can address machine issues quickly and safely on your own.


You can use our Solution Guides and Technical Guides to rectify machine faults yourself in no time at all and minimize machine downtime.


Save waiting time and costs by solving machine problems independently and without delay.


You will receive clear step-by-step instructions which comply with the applicable safety guidelines.


Our illustrated instructions will guide you to your objective in a structured and comprehensible way.

Alternative solution

If the problem cannot be solved using the proposed solutions, TRUMPF's Technical Service will help you as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Solution Guide

For non-specific problems (with no error number or with a collective error number), our Solution Guides offer you the option of specifying the problem before arriving at several possible solutions. The specification relies on a series of questions, complemented by visuals, including pictures.

Step 2: Technical Guide

When there is a specific problem – identified directly via the error number or specified via the Solution Guide– Technical Guides are implemented to offer you a specific solution. You will be systematically guided toward your objective with the assistance of clear pictures and instructions, enabling you to resolve the machine problem independently.

This is how it works

Contact TRUMPF's Technical Service using the Service app, via telephone or by email.

Describing the problem
Enter all the displayed error codes and your observations into the Service app or report them to us via telephone or email.

Rectifying/containing the malfunction
If there is a Solution Guide for the problem, we will send it to you via the Service app or by email. Using the Q&A method, you specify the problem and receive possible solutions in the form of Technical Guides.

Extended solution
If the problem cannot be solved using the proposed solutions, TRUMPF's Technical Service will help you as quickly as possible.

Take out a service agreement for your machine when you purchase it. The Solution Guide is free of charge with the current service agreement. If you do not have a service agreement for your machine, the service case will be invoiced as usual.

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Service app

Be it a technical problem, a spare part or a question concerning maintenance – use the Service App to send your service messages to our Technical Service team quickly and easily at any time.

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