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Ejector tool for sorting | TRUMPF
Ausstoßwerkzeug zum Sortieren mit Musterblech
Ausstoßwerkzeug zum Sortieren mit Musterblech
Punching tools

Ejector tool for sorting

Reliable removal and sorting of small laser-cut parts

Reliable sorting and removal

The ejector tool for sorting removes finished parts separately from remaining parts through the part chute – quickly and reliably. This means you never have to collect finished parts from the chip container again, and you save valuable time.

Reliable removal

Remove even complex small parts quickly and reliably in microjoint technology.

Considerable time savings

Separation of finished parts and remaining parts directly on the machine.

High flexibility

Also remove large, thick sheet parts via the part chute with process reliability.

Ausstoßwerkzeug zum Sortieren

During removal, small laser-cut parts may tip, stick up or tilt and then become stuck in the scrap skeleton. With the ejector tool for sorting, these problems become a thing of the past. You can eject even the most complex geometries without affecting process reliability. Together with the Delta Drive, the machine drive of the TruMatic 1000 fiber, you can sort finished and remaining parts in up to four different containers. The finished parts fall into the finished parts container via the part chute and the waste parts are transported to the chip container via the die. This also means scratches on the finished parts are minimised. If the size of the remaining parts is greater than the size of the die width, the remaining parts can be ejected via the part chute.

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