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RTC tool cartridge
RTC tool cartridge
Punching tools

RTC tool cartridge

Efficient tool change

Efficient tool change

Secure hold with the highest productivity

With the new generation of the original TRUMPF standard tool cartridge made from fiber-reinforced plastic, you are guaranteed maximum productivity and a reliable tool change.

High acceleration values

Thanks to the cartridge's low weight, very high acceleration values can be achieved on the machine.

Held securely

Thanks to the optimally supported cartridge arms with long bearing pins, even heavy tools are held securely in the cartridge.

Efficient handling

The integrated carrying aid for transporting three cartridges at a time on either side in each hand guarantees safe handling.

Simple organisation

By using coloured clips to identify your cartridges, you can always have an overview of your tool inventory.

The RTC tool cartridge made from fibre-reinforced plastic provides optimal support in the setup process. At 600 grams, it is a real lightweight that is tailored to TRUMPF punching and punch laser machines. Its own low weight ensures optimal acceleration values and high machine efficiency. If there is a collision due to erroneous programming, the RTC tool cartridge acts as a predetermined breaking point due to the yielding plastic material. This means that the risk of expensive components on the machine or the punching head being affected is minimal.

The new generation of the RTC tool cartridge has optimally supported cartridge arms, meaning that even heavy tools can be held securely in the cartridge. Furthermore, the new RTC cartridge offers smart additional features, such as an integrated carrying aid to help you transport three tool cartridges at the same time in each hand. Organising your tools within your production process is a piece of cake thanks to the optional coloured clips. You can use the clips to sort your entire tool inventory according to machine program, sheet thickness or application, for example.

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