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Oseon production control software – innovations

Discover the latest innovations introduced in the new Oseon release here.

Version 4

Analysis of circulating stocks

Visualisation of the temporal development of circulating stocks at workstations. Thanks to the new transparency, optimisation opportunities for the processing sequence of orders in production can be identified and implemented.

Automatic creation of transport orders for raw materials

Transport orders for raw materials are also created independently for workstations that are not linked to automated warehouses. These are then carried out specifically by logistics experts.

Labelling of transports within automated warehouses

Stocks, containers and locations involved in transport orders are labelled in the Web interface for warehouse operation.

Screenshot Osoon Produktionsplanung
Full transparency for production planning

The utilisation view allows efficient use of available resources. In addition, the planning data analysis creates transparency with respect to your data quality and helps to resolve planning conflicts.

Compare production times

What was the planned processing time and what was the actual processing time at a workstation? Gain transparency with analyses.

TruLaser Tube Integration into Oseon

With the new Oseon version, the programming software (Programming Tube) and required logistics activities are integrated into the Oseon workflow.
Machine operators also benefit from a Web app that has been developed specifically for the technology.

Recording of characteristics of produced parts for integrated quality management

Production employees can now document quality features (e.g. measured angles during bending) using defined test cycles directly via Web app in Oseon.

Simplified installation

An integrated wizard ensures faster commissioning and a smooth introduction to Oseon. The new Oseon version provides Web apps for production employees if required.

Version 3

Optimised production planning for on-time production

Oseon Production Planning now allows for forward and backward order scheduling, ensuring efficient production with minimal inventory and on-time delivery. Improved UI interfaces also make it easier to schedule individual production orders. 

Create a custom dashboard

Analyses can now be customised on a dashboard. Creating multiple dashboards makes shop floor management even more efficient.  

TRUMPF Oseon key visual
Compare production times

What was the planned processing time and what was the actual processing time at a workstation? Gain transparency with analyses.

Web-based app for TruLaser Tube machine operators

Oseon provides benefits not only to machine operators working with TruLaser and TruBend machines. Oseon enhances support across the technological chain with the Web-based app for TruLaser Tube machine operators.

Automatic provision mode for empty system pallets

The "Automatic provision mode for empty system pallets" enables multiple provision of empty pallets of the same type at a specific storage station in an automatic large store in a straightforward manner.

Stock placement list

The stock placement list facilitates easy and process-reliable recording and transfer (physical and in terms of inventory) of purchased raw sheets to an automated store.

Hardware scanner support

In addition to tablet cameras, external hardware scanners can now be used for quick scanning and capturing of containers and stock.

Version 2

Digital shop floor management including non-productive times

The recording the visualisation of non-productive times ensures a greater level of transparency in your production process and further improves your digital shop floor management system.



Intuitive store management

Use the Oseon Web app to intuitively and easily operate and manage automatic small stores.  

Even more convenient support when bending

Oseon V2.0 also enables you to use the Web-based solution to support operators of bending machines on a second monitor.

Screenshot Osoon Produktionsplanung
Production planning

The cloud-based solution makes your order planning process more transparent and enables you to schedule production orders taking account of the available production capacities.

Shift planning

Use the cloud-based solution to specify the available workstation capacities, such as the working times and shifts, etc.

Version 1

Overview of all of workstations in your production process

The live status allows you to maintain an overview of all of the workstations and receive notifications in the event of any malfunctions.

Comprehensive analysis options

Your digital shop floor management system is based on comparative analysis of workstations and trends and the setting of benchmarks.

Tailored store management

Manage, control and operate manual and automatic small and large stores, as required, using the Web-based Oseon interface.

Efficient material flow due to transport management system

Simplify your material transports – TRUMPF docking stations and automated guided vehicles enable fully automated transport between workstations.

Targeted support for production staff

Step-by-step instructions, including work and safety instructions with images, 3D drawings and videos make operation easy. Processes can be reported and booked directly in the Web-based solution.

Role-based user concept

Oseon supports employees with their specific operations and displays the relevant information to everyone in the team. The motto: "As much as necessary, as simply as possible."

Interconnected process and material flow

Oseon coordinates the interaction of manufacturing orders and material flow on the shop floor. This ensures that any bookings relating to the order status, stock levels or transport processes are always synchronised and efficiently coordinated.

Use bending pools to efficiently manage production orders

Create a group of bending machines (bending pool) as a virtual workstation. This will enable you to see if the required parts and NC programs are available and ensures suitable distribution of the production orders.

Oseon supports the entire process chain, including manual workstations

For production staff at manual workstations, in the assembly department for example, Oseon is a specific Web-based solution that is tailored to their own tasks.

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