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TRUMPF metal powder for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing: powders and parameters

TruPrint systems promise the highest standards of quality and productivity at attractive part costs. This is achieved by the interaction between high-quality metal powders and correspondingly optimised parameters. An extensive range of parameters for numerous materials facilitates a quick introduction and safe production. In addition, it is also possible to adapt parameters to individual requirements.

TruPrint systems are open, which makes it possible for customers to use the powder of their choice. In order to achieve optimum process conditions and material properties, we recommend suitable metal powders from international powder suppliers with the highest quality standards. You can receive further information on the powders from our partners. 

Please contact us to find out which materials and parameters are available or for a personal consultation!

Materials for additive manufacturing

Aluminium alloys

Advantages: Low density, therefore lightweight construction materials 
Typical use: Conventional mechanical engineering, automotive and aviation and aerospace industry 

  • AlSi10Mg 
  • AlSi12 
  • AlSi9Cu3 
  • CustAlloy® (AlSi3.5Mg2.5)
  • M174+ (AlSi12Cu4Ni2Mg) 
  • Scalmalloy® (AlMg7Sc2ZrMn) 
Amorphous metals

Advantages: isotropic properties, biocompatible and good corrosion characteristics 
Typical use: medicine, consumer electronics and lifestyle 

  • ZR01 
  • ZR02
Precious metals

Advantages: high level of corrosion resistance as well as metallic sheen 
Typical use: jewellery and fashion industry 

  • White gold 
  • Yellow gold 
  • Silver 
  • Platinum 
Stainless steels

Advantages: chemical resistance as well as high corrosion resistance and ductility 
Typical use: conventional mechanical engineering, chemical industry and food industry 

  • 1.4404 / 316L 
  • 1.4542 / 630 
  • Printdur® HSA
  • Medidur®
Cobalt alloys

Advantages: high level of hardness, and therefore wear resistance, biocompatibility 
Typical use: dental and medical technology as well as mechanical engineering, aviation and aerospace 

  • CoCrMo (ASTM F75)
  • CoCrW
  • CoCrWMo
Copper alloys

Advantages: very intense electric and thermal properties 
Typical use: electronic components, coolers and inductors 

  • Pure copper 
  • CuCr1Zr 
  • CuNi2SiCr 
  • CuSn10 
Nickel-base alloys

Advantages: very good resistance to high temperatures and corrosion 
Typical use: mechanical engineering, automotive industry as well as aviation and aerospace industry 

  • Pure nickel 
  • IN718® 
  • IN625® 
  • Hastelloy X 
Refractory metals

Advantages: high density and high melting temperatures 
Typical use: nuclear medicine 

  • Wolfram 
  • Tantalum 
Titanium alloys

Advantages: very good combination of density/stability as well as very good high temperature and corrosion properties 
Typical use: medical technology and aviation and aerospace industry 

  • Ti6Al4V ELI Size 23 (ELI)
  • Ti6Al4V Size 5 
  • Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo-0.08Si
  • Ti Size 2 
  • Ti Size 4
Tool steels

Advantages: high levels of hardness and wear resistance, as well as good durability 
Typical use: tool and mould making 

  • 1.2709 / M300 
  • 1.2343 / H11 
  • 1.2344 / H13 
  • M2 / 1.3343
  • Uddeholm Dievar® for additive manufacturing
  • Böhler M789 AMPO
  • Böhler W360 AMPO

Note: please consult the technical data of the respective TruPrint machine to learn which materials can be processed.

Our partners

AP&C logo

AP&C powders are characterised by the highest level of sphericity, are almost free of satellites, with minimum porosity for optimum flow rate and packing density. Our mission is to safely supply high quality powder materials as part of our customers' progress on their journey toward competitive and innovative additive manufacturing components. 

BEGO logo

BEGO Mediloy® S-Co is the powder used for the production of high-quality dental prostheses in LPBF systems. BEGO Mediloy® S-Co was developed on the basis of long-standing tried-and-tested BEGO casting alloys and optimised for the LPBF production process. The indication scope ranges from crowns & bridges to implant prosthetics and orthodontic applications.


voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl produces metal powders for additive manufacturing under state-of-the-art conditions. We offer a range of products, including standard materials and special in-house developments tailored to additive manufacturing, which deliver significant improvements for our customers. Our customer service and optimum quality are the cornerstones of our business.


Dentaurum, the oldest owner-managed dental company in the world, develops, produces and sells premium quality dental products with high levels of biocompatibility. remanium® star powder is a universally applicable dental alloy that has stood the test of time, with the ideal particle size and optimum flow behaviour for all dental applications. 

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke offer a wide spectrum of gas-atomised metal powders based on Fe, Ni and Co for additive manufacturing. The expertise of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke is based on more than 175 years of experience in steel production. All powders are manufactured on our systems, which are certified to IATF 16949 and DIN EN ISO 13485.


Equispheres produces a near-perfect powder with uniform size, sphericity and a consistent microstructure as well as a smoother surface and thinner oxide layer. When used in modern laser powder bed machines, these unique powder properties enable a significant increase in production speed and produce prints with excellent mechanical properties.

Heraeus Amloy logo
Heraeus AMLOY Technologies

Heraeus AMLOY Technologies specialises in the development of amorphous alloys as well as the production of amorphous components. As well as alloy production, components are manufactured at an industrial scale using 3D printing and injection mould processes. The high stability of the material and its outstanding elasticity facilitate significant design optimisations.


The metal powders from Höganäs for additive manufacturing can be used for many additive manufacturing technologies and are compatible with a large selection of 3D printers from leading manufacturers. We have the widest range of products and production technologies and are committed to increasing sustainability. 

Logo IMR Metal Powder Technologies GmbH

IMR Metal Powder Technologies GmbH develops and produces metal powders for additive manufacturing processes for and with its business partners, with a focus on aluminium alloys. As an industrial manufacturer and development partner, we support our customers with tailor-made products and services


With more than 25 years of experience in powder metallurgy applications, INDO-MIM offers state-of-the-art gas-atomised metal powders that are suitable for all additive manufacturing technologies and are characterised by outstanding sphericity, very high packing density and excellent fluidity. INDO-MIM also supports the manufacture of customised powders available within our range of materials.

Kymera International

Kymera International produces and sells "specialty materials" and alloy powders based on aluminium, copper and titanium, all adapted to the most demanding of conditions. Kymera International, pioneer in material development for more than one hundred years, serves the worldwide additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy market.  

m4p material solutions GmbH logo

m4p material solutions GmbH develops and produces metal powders for additive manufacturing. As well as a wide range of standard materials which are promptly delivered from the storage facility, we also develop special materials to the series production readiness stage. Our main focus as a partner in industry is customer service and quality.


Metalpine GmbH specialises in producing high-quality metal powder for additive manufacturing. With our unique production procedures, we manufacture perfectly spherical and non-porous powder from a wide variety of metals and their alloys, always prioritising the needs of our customers.

Oerlikon AM logo
Oerlikon AM

Oerlikon AM is one of the leading providers of additive manufacturing solutions in the metal and polymer sector. The solution portfolio includes a wide variety of solutions, ranging from the collaborative development and order production of high-quality and performance-optimised components through to the research and development and even production of customised metal powders for 3D printing (Oerlikon Metco). 

Praxair Surface Technologies

With over 50 years of metal powder manufacturing experience, we have pioneered the development and implementation of key technologies and are recognised as leaders in high performance powders for the industry. With TruForm, our line of AM metal powders, we have applied this expertise to demanding AM applications for many years.


Scheftner metal powders designed for the LMF-based production of dental, medical and industrial applications. The high sphericity and optimal flow properties of the powders enable high-density applications, thus also guaranteeing the perfect biocompatibility of the manufactured components. Numerous international approvals and our customer support service offer you security.


Schmelzmetall – a leading manufacturer of high-performance copper alloys – offers spherical powders in a wide range of grain size fractions under the brand name Hovadur®. The high-quality powders are suitable for all additive manufacturing methods. The Hovadur® powders HOVADUR® CCZ and HOVADUR® CNCS are available ex stock. 

Logo Tekna

Tekna uses a plasma atomisation process to produce powders that meet the most stringent specifications for a wide range of 3D printing materials. Recognised for their high purity, spherical morphology, fluidity, density and controlled particle size distribution, Tekna's powders are well-suited for 3D printing.


Additive Manufacturing based on more than 350 years of experience in steel production. We produce our own powders specially for the manufacture of tools for hot and cold forming, as well as for plastic injection moulding. Uddeholm Dievar for Additive Manufacturing is our fastest growing product due to its crack resistance, high heat conductivity and hot yield strength. 

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Consultation on additive manufacturing

Learn about our individual consultation services for additive manufacturing, and put your trust in the knowledgeable support of TRUMPF experts. We'll help you to manufacture more economically, more efficiently and with improved quality.

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