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TRUMPF e-mobility digital car display
TRUMPF e-mobility digital car display

E-mobility made with TRUMPF lasers

Creating the future today.

TRUMPF offers solutions for different fields of technology

The worldwide mobility transition is in full swing. The demand for components for electric cars and alternative drives is rising continually. Particularly high-performance components directly involved in the production of batteries, electric motors and power electronics for electromobility are at the centre. More and more companies, predominately automotive suppliers, are also demanding new manufacturing solutions and technologies for alternative drive concepts, including the fuel cell. TRUMPF provides in-depth advice to its customers and facilitates new procedures.

The laser is at the centre of many solutions. It connects battery cells with modules or packs. It ensures tightness and crash safety when joining battery packs and trays. It scores highly thanks to its green wavelength when copper welding contact parts with no spatter. And it provides high-tensile connections in e-drives which withstand the highly dynamic requirements.

E-mobility consulting - tackling the challenges of e-mobility together

Would you like to know how we can provide you with optimum support on your path to electromobility? Make an appointment directly with our internationally active branch managers. They are happy to advise you concerning our customised complete packages and facilitate new production technologies for the new mobility.

TRUMPF is your contact for automated production processes and networked systems of the future.

TRUMPF smart factory example fpr e-mobility applications

TRUMPF stands for industry-standard complete solutions for the production of all components in a battery pack. We cover the entire sheet metal process chain with our integrated expertise. Just one example: our 2D laser cutting machines, bending machines and laser welding cells are used for manufacturing battery trays in interlinked processes.

Our integrated software solutions make it possible for you to produce with process reliability and to have seamless documentation of the production history. Furthermore, the Condition Based Services from TRUMPF increase the technical availability and productivity of your networked laser systems.

Lightweight design

From aluminium and high-tensile steel to fibre-reinforced materials - TRUMPF lasers open up entirely new possibilities when it comes to processing lightweight materials and they shape everything precisely. They make optimal use of the material and are very flexible when it comes to the geometry.

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1. Battery pack and tray

Using the laser, all interior parts of a battery as well as its housing are welded with a high degree of precision – and always with process reliability thanks to an intelligent sensor system. The precision tool is a winner in the manufacturing and integration of cooling systems in batteries as well.

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2. Battery cells and modules

Battery cells are connected into modules or packs with the busbar welding procedure. The live rail is designated as the busbar. Prismatic cells or cell modules can be combined with like materials (Al/Al or Cu/Cu) as well as with mixed combinations (for example, Al/Cu).

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3. Power electronics

You can achieve pinpoint contacting in complex electronic control units with the laser. Our lasers with green wavelength and sufficient power mean that copper contacts in electric cars can be processed highly productively and practically without any spatter.

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4. Powertrain

Whether it is a differential, hairpin, busbar, rotor shaft, gear wheel, stator or its housing – regardless of the electric drive component, laser processing makes the more compact design possible in the first place.

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5. Lightweight design

TRUMPF lasers and machine tools make many lightweight designs possible in the first place. Thanks to accurate and precise production, considerable savings can be made in terms of weight and material during the manufacture of the automobile body.

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6. Automated production solutions for e-mobility

Satisfy your material requirements with intelligent sheet metal construction for e-mobility. TRUMPF provides you with automated production solutions for this purpose which are highly productive in small or fluctuating lot sizes.

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Why TRUMPF is your perfect partner

Nothing is quite like a personal conversation: visit TRUMPF in Ditzingen

TRUMPF customer centre

We ensure TRUMPF products are an all-embracing experience for our customers.

Whether it is in the TRUMPF& Laser Applications Center or Customer Center – our experts in Ditzingen will show you what is possible – in person and in line with your requirements. Our application specialists and industry experts will support you during application development and optimisation of your specific component in the Laser Applications Center, a centre extending over an area of 4000 m². On the other hand, you will experience the entire sheet metal process chain – from programming to laser welding – in our Customer Center. We offer individual guided tours as well as live demonstrations of the technologies. Time studies, feasibilities and generation of sample parts are also part of the core tasks.

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Synapse image depicting a Smart Factory
Smart Factory

With the modular networking solutions from TRUMPF, we help our customers to create a continuous flow in their production facility, thereby arranging their entire production process with increased transparency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness within the framework of Industry 4.0.

Welding copper

Non-contact tool lasers can be used to create high-strength copper connections which are also entirely reproducible and have high conductivity.

Trumpf disk laser TruDisk 2021
TruDisk with green wavelength

With cw TruDisk green continuous wave lasers, you can produce copper weld seams of the highest quality, in a process that is practically spatter free and has a high reproducibility rate. Find out more about the tried and tested TruDisk disk laser technology with green laser light, its advantages and possible applications.

White paper: laser welding of hairpins

Hairpins are essential in order to manufacture powerful electric motors for electromobility. In our white paper, you can find out more about how the laser assists you during production and processing. Register for our TRUMPF e-mail news now and download our white paper for free. You will receive deeper insights into the process and its applications in the field of e-mobility. You can unsubscribe from the TRUMPF e-mail news at any time.

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White paper: new developments when it comes to laser welding of copper contacts, power electronics and control units in the field of electromobility

Thanks to the continuous further development of the beam sources, the application results are also improved. For example, lasers with a green wavelength and sufficient power that are developed to industrial maturity mean that copper contacts can be processed more productively and practically without any spatter in the field of electromobility. You can read more about the latest developments and the numerous possible applications in electromobility in our white paper. Register for our TRUMPF e-mail news now and download our white paper for free. You can unsubscribe from the TRUMPF e-mail news at any time.

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