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TRUMPF e-mobility battery pack

Structural components of the battery pack

The battery pack combines all components of a battery system and represents the heart of an electric car. TRUMPF provides a unique complete solution for electromobility for the tightness, crash safety, productivity and flexibility requirements. This means that you can weld all interior components as well as the battery housing with a high degree of precision – and always with process reliability thanks to an intelligent sensor system. The laser as a precision tool provides innovative solutions for the production and integration of the cooling system. Sheet metal components in the battery pack can be manufactured with networked system solutions of TRUMPF machine tools. For example, the battery tray is laser cut, reshaped and laser welded.

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Battery pack: compact and complex with many components

Cover plate
TRUMPF battery tray cover

Cover plate for protecting the battery cells and electronics

The battery system must be protected against external influences to guarantee its function is long-lasting and high-performance. The component is brought into its final form with laser cutting, edge-forming, punching and bending processes. Surfaces are cleaned and structured and paints are removed to ensure safe sealing and electrical grounding.

Battery tray
TRUMPF battery tray

The battery tray, enclosed protective housing for the battery unit, electronics and cooling unit

TRUMPF machine systems process flat sheet metal by laser cutting, bending, punching dies and laser welding to create a gas-tight battery tray – depending on the requirements, this can also be done within a fully automated process. Seamless documentation, repeatability and traceability are a matter of course in the production process. Our experts will advise you from design to production and even beyond.

Battery unit
TRUMPF battery pack

Scalable battery unit for a vehicle drive

Lasers are the optimum tool for creating mechanically robust and highly conductive connections between live components (busbars). TRUMPF offers complete solution packages for battery pack production, from 2D laser cutting to bending and joining the module housing. High repeatability and low-spatter join connections ensure a cost-efficient production.

Battery cell
TRUMPF battery pack

The battery cell, the heart of the battery system

Lasers can be used in various industrial applications, ranging from drying the electrodes, precision cutting and welding of foil stacks for connecting the cell conductors. TRUMPF has a unique laser portfolio for all battery cell applications, including lasers with green and infrared wavelengths, active beam formation as well as single and multi-mode lasers.

Wiring and cables
TRUMPF battery pack cables

Electrical connection for signal and power transmission

A laser is used for energy-efficient welding of live connections such as busbars and powerbars. BrightLine Weld and TRUMPF welding depth monitoring minimize processing times and spatter formation. This ensures that every part is a good part. Marking lasers are used for clear and permanent component marking. 

Battery system cooling
TRUMPF application battery pack cooling

The battery system cooling provides optimum operating conditions

An essential part of the battery pack is the cooling and heating system. Whether plate heat exchangers, pipes or punch press profiles, TRUMPF offers the suitable production system for every design and material. This creates the optimum surrounding conditions for a reliable and high-performance battery pack.

Battery frame
TRUMPF battery frame

Battery frame: crash and supporting structure of the battery pack

A stable supporting structure is unavoidable for the best possible protection of the complex battery pack. Crash-optimised designs of flangeless connections can be implemented with the TRUMPF machine portfolio. This makes it possible to manufacture a particularly stable and simultaneously light supporting structure.

Segmentation structure
TRUMPF application battery pack segmentation

Segmentation structure for the battery module

A stable frame is used to position the battery module in the battery tray. TRUMPF offers a wide spectrum of solutions for many joining tasks. For example, an optimum system for quick and automated production is created with scanner optics in combination with OCT seam position detection.

Undertray protection
TRUMPF battery pack skid plate

Undertray protection of the battery pack

To prevent or deflect possible damage to the battery system, a surface-covering and extremely resistant protection is required. TRUMPF components can be of excellent use in applications such as partial reinforcement by laser metal deposition or welding of high-tensile materials with scanner optics.

Many challenges – one solution: these are the advantages of TRUMPF in battery pack production

TRUMPF stands for industrial production solutions for the manufacture of all battery pack components. The combination of TRUMPF expertise in the advantages of laser technology with the flexibility of sheet metal processing provides customers with perfect solutions for the economic production of battery pack components.
Thanks to energy-minimised, wear-free laser processing, it is possible to produce structural components with optimum stability. Not only that - the laser is also unbeatable in terms of weld seam quality, tightness and inspection effort. Furthermore, a comprehensive system of sensors constantly monitors the quality of the weld seams and ensures precise welding depth.
We cover the entire sheet metal process chain with our many years of comprehensive expertise in sheet metal processing. Our 2D laser cutting machines, bending machines and laser welding cells are used for the fully automated production of battery trays in networked processes, for example.

An overview of the three most important laser applications

E-mobility consulting - tackling the challenges of e-mobility together

Would you like to know how we can provide you with optimum support on your path to electromobility? Make an appointment directly with our internationally active branch managers. They are happy to advise you concerning our customised complete packages and facilitate new production technologies for the new mobility.

Networked thinking and action: the TRUMPF advantage

Whether it is cutting, bending or welding – TRUMPF offers everything from one source. You can process components selectively with the laser precision tool. This means in practise: the TRUMPF laser can be flexibly integrated into the process chain chronology. The components are only processed point by point, surrounding areas remain untouched, or are not damaged during cleaning, for example.

Do you need support? Our industry experts and application engineers in the TRUMPF Laser Applications Center and Customer Center carry out feasibility tests, provide you with recommendations for concrete implementation and always find the correct parameters for your application. Compared to other laser manufacturers, we also support you in networking your laser systems - regardless of whether you are already taking big steps or are just starting out on the path to your company's networked future.

Large-volume production solution

Welding, bending, cutting, cleaning and marking – TRUMPF facilitates a comprehensive networked solution for all individual tasks, enabling seamless component traceability as well as a barrier-free development for the consolidated process chain.

Reliable, highly productive systems

Benefit from our decades of application experience for the different part processes and their technical implementation: our laser machines, inter-machine communication and innovative sensor technologies facilitate the continuity of the process chain and constant quality monitoring.

Highest productivity at all times and all relevant information at a glance

The Condition Based Services increase the technical availability of your laser systems. Use dashboards to visualise the state of the machine - Smart View Services. The TRUMPF Condition Monitoring Center evaluates sensor data and detects failure risks.

You receive relevant data concerning your laser using the Data Based Services. The OPC-UA interface provides important information for this purpose. The Quality Data Storage 2 software also makes it possible to record data synchronously to the process.

Customised process advice and support from TRUMPF branch management

Does every new beginning have to be difficult? Not with TRUMPF. For we know how you can reduce your high start-up expenditures: our designated TRUMPF industry experts are at your side with a thorough and customised process and application consulting service.

"Combining laser technology with the flexible production solutions from TRUMPF enabled us to develop an innovative concept for the economic manufacturing of battery systems – and TRUMPF's unique branch management provided the necessary expertise for the introduction and customised implementation."

Ludger Gehringhoff
Customer Program Manager Benteler Automotive

Many cases, one worthwhile visit: our TRUMPF Laser Applications Center and Customer Center

Would you like to see the benefits of lasers in battery pack production for yourself? Visit us in one of our showrooms on-site and make the most of the consulting services of our experts:

Production of prototypes made of sheet metal

Individual customer parts are manufactured in TRUMPF precision machines and are checked to ensure they meet the material requirements. We identify the optimisation potential in the production of your part along with you. The goal: we will optimise and manufacture selected parts which you can directly implement into your designs and manufacture more cost-effectively.

Advice for the design of sheet metal parts

What potential is still hidden in your parts? Discover it for yourself: in our workshops and seminars on part optimisation in sheet metal and tubes. You will trim your parts for success with our consolidated expertise in sheet metal design - and save money as well. For economically constructed parts are the key to efficient manufacturing, require fewer process steps and pave your way toward networked production.

Customised automated production systems

No two productions are the same. This is why your path to the Smart Factory is also unique. Consultancy for networked production is precisely where we come in. No matter whether you are already making great strides into the networked future of your company or you are just starting out – with a strong, competent partner by your side, it will be easier to walk into your automated future. No two paths are the same because TruConnect combines individual components to provide customised solutions for you.

Laser welding of battery packs

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Nothing is quite like a personal conversation: visit TRUMPF in Ditzingen

TRUMPF customer centre

We ensure TRUMPF products are an all-embracing experience for our customers.

Whether it is in the TRUMPF Laser Applications Center or Customer Center & our experts in Ditzingen will show you what is possible – in person and in line with your requirements. Our application specialists and industry experts will support you during application development and optimisation of your specific component in the Laser Applications Center, a centre extending over an area of 4000 m². On the other hand, you will experience the entire sheet metal process chain – from programming to laser welding – in our Customer Center. We offer individual guided tours as well as live demonstrations of the technologies. Time studies, feasibilities and generation of sample parts are also part of the core tasks.

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