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Laser Community #34: Put an end to cracked smartphones!

C racks in your smartphone display are annoying and expensive. But that will soon be a thing of the past! Read why, and what TRUMPF has to do with it in the new Laser Community.

The 34th issue of the magazine is all about disruption - and how lasers are bringing it about. In the future, laser light will prevent cracks in smartphone displays right from the start.

Measurement specialist Sick has not developed a new measurement process with a laser sensor. However, the company from Donaueschingen is likely to turn some production processes upside down. The specialists there have succeeded in making sensors cheaper than ever before. Thanks to a laser process that is suitable for mass production, it is now possible to collect data from production in large quantities.

Also in the issue: How laser light could soon make affordable rapid blood cell tests available on the market and prevent diseases.

The editors hope you enjoy reading this issue!

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