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TruBend Center 7030 – fully automatic and precise panel bending with a high level of flexibility
TruBend Center 7030 – fully automatic and precise panel bending with a high level of flexibility
Bending machines

TruBend Center 7030

Fully automatic panel bending centre

TruBend Center 7030, front gauge
TruBend Center 7030, front gauge
Bending machines

TruBend Center 7030

Simple loading thanks to front gauge

TruBend Center 7030, loading gripper
TruBend Center 7030, loading gripper
Bending machines

TruBend Center 7030

Fast and precise transport with loading gripper

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    Fully automatic panel bending

    The TruBend Center 7030 is the benchmark when it comes to flexibility and productivity during panel bending. Discover what is arguably the widest range of parts in this machinery category with the fully automatic panel bending technology, and maximise productivity when producing complex workpieces. Produce components for an array of industrial purposes and applications, from delicate shrouds up to large-scale trays. With the automatic tool changer and rotary part manipulator of the TruBend Center 7030, you have a fully automatic, highly productive solution for your production.

    Rotary part manipulator

    The rotary part manipulator secures the blank and rotates it to the required position completely independently.

    Two axes, limitless possibilities

    The 2-axis part manipulator positions the sheet metal and even enables negative bends.

    Precise angles

    First part, perfect part – thanks to ACB laser

    Programming in the blink of an eye

    The easiest and fastest offline programming amongst panel benders: TecZone Fold.

    Integrated tool change

    Set up the right blank holder tools automatically with the integrated tool changer ToolMaster Bend.

    Every component under control

    Various gripper systems help to hold the components.

    TruBend Center 7030
    TruBend Center, positioning of the extra bending tools on the machine
    Rotary part manipulator

    Every bend is created fully automatically with the innovative rotary part manipulator. It secures the blank and, if necessary, rotates it to the correct position at a speed of 3000 mm/s. The operator has a lighter workload and is only responsible for loading and unloading, making the bending operation highly productive.

    TruBend Center, 2-axis part manipulator
    2-axis part manipulator

    The 2-axis part manipulator automatically positions the sheet metal for all bends on every component edge. An additional height axis enables components to be secured in different positions. Thanks to this height axis, parts with negative bends are also removed reliably. This increases your part flexibility and enables you to produce narrow profiles, components with multiple bends or formed sections and cutouts with process reliability.

    TruBend Center, angle drive
    Angle drive

    With its ingeniously simple continuous path control, the innovative angle drive of the TruBend Center ensures maximum accuracy. The interaction between two axes provides the ideal traverse path to protect the surface of your component. The drive design also makes your TruBend Center particularly robust for everyday industrial applications.

    TruBend Center, ToolMaster Bend
    Integrated tool changer

    The integrated tool changer, ToolMaster Bend, automatically sets up the right blank holder tools. It also takes care of a lot of your work. It prevents setup errors, reduces setup times and enables cost-effective single part production.

    Housing cover

    Mild steel housing cover, sheet thickness 3 mm

    Maximum accuracy, even in thicker materials.

    TruBend Center, radius bending application for stainless steel with double sheet

    Stainless steel drawer, sheet thickness 1 mm

    Radius bending with double sheet.

    TruBend Center, radius bending application for stainless steel

    Stainless steel screen trim, sheet thickness 1 mm

    Short sides combined with radius bending.

    TruBend Center, radius bending application for mild steel

    Mild steel container, sheet thickness 0.8 mm, made of two parts

    Outstanding accuracy; parts can be put together.

    TruBend Center, bending application for a variety of bends

    Mild steel guard plate, sheet thickness 1 mm

    High repetition accuracy for a variety of bends.

    TruBend Center 7030
    Max. sheet thickness  
    Mild steel 3 mm
    Stainless steel 2.2 mm
    Aluminium 0.5 mm
    Max. bending length 3123 mm
    Min. bending length 200 mm
    Min. bending depth (standard tool) 145 mm
    Min. bending depth (ENW) 40 mm
    Max. box height 220 mm
    Max. component size 3120x1500 mm
    Max. component diagonal 3460 mm
    Min. sheet thickness 0.5 mm

    PDF <1MB
    Technical data sheet

    Download the technical data of all product variants.

    TecZone Fold

    Save yourself time and increase quality during the automatic creation of your programs on the basis of 2D or 3D data. Using TecZone Fold, the programming system for the automatic offline programming of TruBend Center panel benders.

    Software process cycle


    The extensive range of TruTops software supports you throughout the entire production process. Control your operational workflow in a simple and targeted manner, from managing your customer orders and purchasing processes to delivery of the produced parts. Through the direct coupling with the machine control, you can keep a constant eye on the status of your orders.

    TruBend Center, extra blank holder tool
    Extra blank holder tool (ENW)

    With additional blank holders, you can also produce very narrow profiles or components with formed sections near the bending lines. If required, the machine automatically swivels in the ENW extra blank holder tool from above. The available standard blank holders do not need to be replaced or modified for this.

    TruBend Center, extra bending tool
    Extra bending tool (ZBW)

    Extra bending tools can be set up automatically in order to bend flanges or offset bends. When needed, the tools move automatically to the correct position from their parking position on the side, and process the sheet without the use of the remaining bending tools.

    TruBend Center, horn blank holder
    Horn blank holder

    You can easily produce nestings with inner edges thanks to the horn blank holders. The horn tools extend and retract automatically at an angle. This means that the blank holder can move downwards without causing a collision between the tool and the bend.

    This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the machine is available in your country.

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