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Semicon Spotlight 2022

The Semicon Spotlight 2022 took place on 15th of September 2022, virtual, from Ditzingen, Germany

Semicon Spotlight 2022 – Endless opportunities

At our Semicon Spotlight, we focus on photonic technologies in the semiconductor industry.
In 4 lectures with live moderation we show you the endless opportunites thanks to laser technology in the semiconductor industry. 

This awaits you

Presentations and experts

1. Welcome and Introduction

Ulf Quentin, Director Sales Micro Machining, TRUMPF

Ulf Quentin studied Mechanical Engineering and Management and received a PhD for his work on ultrafast laser nano-structuring with optically positioned micro-lenses at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. He joined TRUMPF in 2013 and held different management positions in business development and product management of pulsed lasers before being assigned Sales Director for TRUMPF’s micro machining business with short and ultrashort pulse lasers in 2020.

2. New Generation of TruMicro 2000 – Industrial Precision and Flexibility

Dr. Aleksander Budnicki, Head of R&D Ultrafast Fiber Laser Technology, TRUMPF

Ultrafast laser technology has found broad applications in a variety of scientific and industrial fields. The key for commercial viability of industrial ultrashort-pulse lasers is industrial reliability in combination with sufficient parameter flexibility in terms of different average powers, energies, pulse durations or wavelengths. This presentation will provide an overview of TRUMPF unique technology buildings blocs of ultra-short pulse technology and deeper insight on newest generation of the TruMicro Series 2000 – most flexible ultra-short pulse laser.

Aleksander Budnicki has more than 15 years of experience in ultrafast laser technology. He received his PhD from the Wroclaw University of Technology in 2007 in the field of nonlinear fiber optics. 2008, he won the Polish Prime Minister’s Research Award for the best doctoral dissertation. He joined Trumpf in 2007 to work on fiber laser technology. Since 2011, he has continued his research at Trumpf Laser in Schramberg on ultrafast laser sources. He is heading the development of ultrafast fiber laser technology, especially the TruMicro 2000 platform.

3. Lasers in the Semiconductor Industry: A Golden Age Rising

Benjamin Bernard, Infineon 

Beside the classical semiconductor material Silicon (Si), the wide-bandgap material (WBG) Silicon Carbide (SiC) is gaining more interest. Despite all the technical benefits, like lower on-state resistance and higher switching frequencies, the manufacturing process itself becomes more challenging. This presentation will highlight laser applications in the SiC production chain and give a brief outlook on future demands.

Benjamin Bernard is senior staff engineer at Infineon technologies focusing on development of new laser applications. He gained a passion for photonics by developing passively q-switched microchip laser during university followed by several years as application engineer for Spectra-Physics.

4. It´s All about Timing – Temporal Energy Deposition Aspects for Semiconductor Laser Micromachining

Marc Sailer, R&D Application, TRUMPF

Ultrashort-pulsed micromachining has found a rising number of applications in a variety of scientific and industrial fields. In order to address the growing field of applications and demands in semiconductor industries, a high degree of pulse parameter flexibility is needed. The possibility to control the energy deposition on more than 12 orders of magnitude enables endless opportunities to address different machining challenges. This presentation will highlight challenges and benefits of highly flexible laser system in terms of temporal energy deposition aspects for different materials.

Marc Sailer is an application engineer for laser micromachining focusing on development of new pulsed laser applications. He studied medical engineering and photonics and has more than 10 years of experience in ultrashort-pulsed laser processing.

5. Curved Light: Photonic Shaping Tools

Dr. Daniel Flamm, R&D Advanced Development, TRUMPF

A novel structured light concept is presented enabling to distribute a large number of focus copies at arbitrary positions in a working volume. Applying this holographic 3D-beam splitter concept to ultrashort laser pulses enables micromachining of a variety of materials along accelerating trajectories. This photonic tool impresses with its enormous versatility, which enables equally diverse application strategies ranging from cutting and welding to data storing.

Daniel Flamm studied physics at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and received his PhD in 2013. His work focused on fiber optics, digital holography and modal decomposition. Since 2014 he has been developing novel materials processing strategies based on ultrashort pulsed lasers for TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH. In 2019 he became manager of the technology field “Optical Design” of the TRUMPF group.

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