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50 percent more productive with TRUMPF Software Oseon

T he new TRUMPF Oseon software made its debut in 2022 at its INTECH in-house trade show. The solution enables users to plan and control their production digitally. In addition, the material flow can be fully automated without investing in a large warehouse. In this interview, TRUMPF Product Manager Artem Bogatov talks about the productivity leaps customers have already achieved and what innovations visitors can expect at INTECH 2023.

At TRUMPF, Oseon is considered to be one of the most important software innovations in the recent years. How are customers reacting to the solution?

Bogatov: The feedback from our customers has been consistently good. The processes that are networked via Oseon generally run perfectly. One of our first customers, a part manufacturer, has even noticed that his production always comes to a standstill when the processes are not connected to Oseon. That's why he now wants to use the software in his entire production unit. Feedback like this makes us happy, because it shows us that Oseon offers our customers real added value.

Production planning and control software has been around for a long time. TRUMPF used to offer its customers the TruTops FAB solution, which was transferred to Oseon last year. What is so special about it?

Bogatov: With Oseon, we can collect and evaluate data throughout the entire production process. Our solution is characterized by its high data quality and depth. From programming and machine setup to intralogistics, every step can be precisely recorded. This means that we can use Oseon to plan production down to the last detail and react quickly and flexibly to changes. If the employee classifies a production order as a rush order, Oseon automatically adjusts the production sequence and informs everyone involved. We also take a role-based approach at Oseon. This means that we pick up each employee in his or her "role" in the manufacturing process and provide him or her with all the information he or she needs for the upcoming steps. In addition, Oseon can organize material transport independently. For example, the software ensures that employees or industrial trucks automatically deliver the material and take away finished parts at the appropriate moment. Everything flows perfectly, and unproductive downtime is virtually non-existent.

What productivity increases has your team already been able to achieve for customers with Oseon?

Bogatov: The increase in efficiency depends very much on the company's initial situation. Over 50 percent more productivity is not uncommon. Customers who are still in the early stages of digitalization usually achieve success more quickly. But even digitalization pioneers can become more efficient with Oseon. We provide Oseon in three versions - Oseon Go, Oseon Grow and Oseon Flow. This allows us to offer each company the appropriate level of digitalization.

That means Oseon is also suitable for customers who are still in the early stages of digitalization?

Bogatov: Absolutely! Many users think of a fully networked, unattended factory when they hear the term “smart factory”. However, a production facility consisting of two individual machines can also be smart - if the company gets maximum productivity out of its production with the help of digitalization. In other words, there are no bottlenecks and the machines are working to capacity. This can already be achieved with the basic "Oseon Go" package.

What are the next steps at Oseon?

Bogatov: At INTECH 2023, we will present new functions of the software. These include the "Production Planning" module, for example. Users can use it to plan orders backwards, for example. They enter the desired delivery date and Oseon adjusts the production plan accordingly. This makes it easier for companies to meet delivery deadlines and increases the transparency of production. In addition, Oseon now makes it even easier to reduce unproductive downtime. For example, users can call up and compare the target and actual times of each individual work step in the process chain. If deviations occur, he can find and eliminate the cause more quickly. This further increases productivity.


As Product Manager at TRUMPF, Artem Bogatov is responsible for the Oseon software.

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