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New opportunities six meters in length

The TruLaser 3060 fiber offers oversize format processing in a working range of 6 x 2.5 meters – Multi-sheet processing of up to four medium-format sheets possible – New Highspeed cutting process for faster cutting

Ditzingen; June 01, 2017 - Six meters: the length of a delivery van – or an adult alligator. Or a sheet that the TruLaser 3060 fiber can cut. This new oversize format machine from the TRUMPF 3000 series can process sheets as large as 6 x 2.5 meters. This means that users of the TruLaser 3060 fiber can acquire more orders for particularly large workpieces. Alternatively, the large working range enables sequential automated handling of four medium-format sheets – even if they differ in thicknesses and material.

Rugged cutting processes for sheets as thick as 25 mm
A machine for oversize format processing needs special capabilities for cutting thick sheets of mild steel; oversize sheets are often made of this type of steel and of poor quality. Equipped with a TruDisk laser that has a power output of three to six kilowatts, the TruLaser 3060 fiber can cut sheets up to 25 millimeters in thickness. The operator can easily resolve any cutting problems due to poor-quality material by using the AdjustLine function, which adjusts the cutting data to suit material quality. This results in fewer rejects and lower material costs. The BrightLine fiber function ensures high-quality cut edges and easy removal of thick sheet parts.

Delicate geometries thanks to targeted cooling
Astonishingly delicate parts from thick sheets of mild steel as well as high process reliability and narrow nesting? CoolLine makes it possible. Targeted cooling of the workpiece during cutting allows for new geometries and increases process reliability. During processing, the specialized nozzles of the cutting head spray water mist – in a perfect circle around the laser beam – onto the workpiece. Vaporization energy maintains a nearly constant temperature during cutting.

Twice as fast thanks to Highspeed
The new Highspeed process enables cutting that is not only safe and reliable but also truly fast. It sets new records for nitrogen cutting with a solid-state laser. This can nearly double sheet throughput for medium and thick sheets made of mild or stainless steel. Feed rates can also increase by up to 100 percent. And high speed need not mean poor quality – on the contrary, the Highspeed cutting process even prevents slag adherence on sharp-edged contours. The patent-pending process is based on a cutting-edge nozzle design.

Ideally equipped for Industry 4.0 
The TruLaser 3060 fiber also provides various functions that make it compatible with Industry 4.0 applications. It is equipped with the new Central Link data interface, which securely provides information on the machine’s production status. This means users can easily connect web applications, platforms such as AXOOM ( and local systems via the OPC UA communication protocol – for smooth sailing toward a smart factory.

Part tracking for reliable processes
Using Dot Matrix Code allows you to rapidly and reliably apply a code to a sheet-metal part in mere seconds. A code’s content is specified during programming and provides information for the sheet-metal process chain – the name of the next bending program, for example. This significantly simplifies production processes and eliminates the need for accompanying documents.

Post-production made easy
The TruLaser 3060 fiber’s Drop&Cut function allows users to quickly and efficiently post-produce individual parts and to make full use of remainder sheets. A built-in camera relays a live image of the machine’s interior to the user interface. With just a mouse click or the tap of a finger, the desired part geometries can be projected onto the (remainder) sheet, in any position and orientation. And production can start right away. Live virtual representation of the part contour makes post-production faster and more reliable – for genuinely useful augmented reality.

Digital photographs in print-ready resolution are available to illustrate this press release. They may only be used for editorial purposes. Use is free of charge when credit is given as “Photo: TRUMPF”. Graphic editing – except for dropping out the main motive – is prohibited.

TruLaser 3060 fiber

The TruLaser 3060 fiber opens up completely new part dimensions and delivers extremely high-quality results thanks to its innovative cutting processes.

Multi-Sheet Processing

Automated multi-sheet processing – using different materials and thicknesses – is one of the highlights of the TruLaser 3060 fiber.

Drop and Cut

Drop&Cut makes post-production of parts from scrap skeleton sheets simple and intuitive.


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